02 March, 2011

心态 · Mentality








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I think the problem of whether your life is great or screwed ultimately boils down to the mentality of an individual.
I was chatting with my mum earlier today when we were discussing about occupations, because she knows of people who are simply unhappy with their working.
Just like how some aunties always say they don't have the right to choose their occupation because they didn't study much when they were younger, I guess the mentality is more or less the same, and satisfaction is one key factor.

Frankly speaking, I don't think Singaporeans have the right to say that we cannot find a job.
Just flip through the Classified section of the newspapers, or take a stroll in any of the shopping malls. Can't you see that many of the outlets are actually hiring?
On the other hand, take a look at those employees in Korea who are super-pro at washing the dishes, and how they take pride in doing the job well. Shouldn't that be a kind of inspiration, even if it's just to make yourself feel better?
Just imagine that every dish is $1, and you'll be happy collecting them all day. Don't think about how other aunties slack, or how miserable you are. You may already be suffering physically at the job, so why be so sadistic as to torture yourself mentality even more?