07 March, 2011


Sometimes I wish people would be more sensitive/subtle when it comes to judging others.

Some people are born rich, but more of us are born poor. Some people can play all day and ace all work, while some die from working hard and never once get a taste of fruit of their labor.

I don't have a smartphone, I don't have a Facebook account, I am not ever-connected to the cybersocial networks, but that doesn't mean that I'm all ignorant. More importantly, I'm still a living individual with feelings, and I am definitely better in some other aspects compared to every other individual.

In fact, everyone has their strengths. It's just a matter of how long it takes for each person to discover their talents, and how many chances in life they get to excel, be it chances they give themselves, or chances people bestow upon them in life.

Truth is, some people just don't get a chance their entire lives. That's how they fade away gradually, and give in to a pragmatic way of life, working just for the sake of earning a living.

As for those bright and glamorous stars above, well, you never know how much effort some of them put in just to be there.

Like how much effort it took me just to understand the kind of clothes so-called 'normal teenagers' wear.

Sometimes when I get snide remarks, I wish that person has one chance to be in the body of a wrinkled and critically ill obese illiterate handicapped. Maybe that's what it would take for them to realise that not everyone is fortunate like them, to be raised and fed well, to be part of the in-crowd by nature.

Because life is unfair in such a way that, some people, no matter where they are, just become an outcast, by default.

I really wished you knew.

Pictures from photo.net and inluck.biz respectively.