02 April, 2011

白纸黑字 · Black and White


I have the feeling that the black-and-white way of work has been threatened with the development of cyberworld and technology.


Taking scanning technology as an example, many things became impossible to verify as there's no proof for some electronics stuff.

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Why do I say that? Well, I came across an article on STomp of someone complaining that 70 cents was deducted from his card when he couldn't scan his card to exit from MRT station. The person at the help counter just scan his card on the system and he could exit thereafter. Upon checking his transportation record, he realised the SMRT person deducted 70 cents from his card.

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Some people said that his fare should have been more than that and he shouldn't complain. But the same thing happened to me this evening, and I'm actually a concession pass holder. An SMRT person simply scanned and returned me my card too, before I could leave the MRT station.


Under such situation, I think SMRT should have made things clearer? Instead of such simple-solution-no-explanation method that gives people the impression of "cheating money without our realisation".


A concession pass is already costing a student like me near to $100 a month, and if you just deduct money from our cards so easily without explanation, don't you think this is a little too much?


Anyway, it seems like I would have to make a trip down to the MRT station tomorrow to check my card history. What made me worry was that the screen didn't show the usual concession "2 rides left" when I scanned out, but showed my card monetary value.

If I find out that they did deduct my money, three things would happen-

I'd grab a screenshot of my transportation record and publish it here, which would possibly come with a complimentary cursing entry;

I'd argue with the SMRT staff and demand refund;

Let there be a part 2 to the STomp article above.

If they did not deduct money from my card this evening, I would clarify here, but this entry would stay as a reminder to other users out there.


A world without the current principles of black-and-white for transactions and whatnot may be convenient, but keep in mind that such convenience is exchanged at the cost of our awareness of what's happening, and our welfare. So don't be too happy about it too soon.

Edit: I've checked and they didn't charge me extra money. But still...