02 April, 2011

愚人节快乐 · Happy April Fool's Day


Recently I’ve been very interested on what’s trending on Twitter.

单是愚人节就有很多无聊的怪东西上榜,例如英文字体Comics Sans 和Helvertica。

Just an April Fool’s Day, and all the weird stuff started to be trending, like font names such as Comics San and Helvetica.

除此之外,上榜但不光彩的也包括海峡时报(Straits Times)。本地的传统主流媒体从来没那么受关注,今天又是什么原因呢?

In addition, another but not-so-glamorous trend is Straits Time. Local traditional and mainstream media has never gotten such attention, so I was pretty curious what happened.

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Well, apparently there was another mistake caused by the convenient nature of Tweet Deck that allows users to access more than one Twitter account at a time. Convenient, but at the same time, make screwing things up ten times more likely to happen as the margin between personal life and work get increasingly blurred.