18 May, 2011

极端 · Extreme

Happy Vesak Day!

Earlier this evening, I was having a discussion about religion with my mum. After much thought, I realised that no religion is perfect, and many of the dislike and problems occurred because people became increasingly extreme.

Some followers of religions are disliked because their thinking can be too extreme, and that seems to be the case for almost every religion. "Extreme" causes problems for both followers and non-believers alike.

Not long ago, many people celebrated the death of Osama bin Laden. I saw a comment by an Islamic follower on a certain webpage. He said that there's nothing wrong with Islam as a religion, but the problem lies with people who get too extreme in their beliefs and losing their rational thinking.

I choose to believe that everyone is equal, and that it's impossible that destroying any other groups of the mankind would be the instruction of any god/Buddha, etc. Religion didn't teach us that. We went overboard in the belief because of ourselves.

I believe that religion came into existence in the past because people needed psychological assurance for misfortunes and nature that are beyond their control. It is also created to guide the thinkings of their children and grandchildren. As of the present, I think that religion is meant to be spiritual sustenance, and a way for people to be self-discipline and give back to the society.

I choose even more to believe that no religion was ever created to bring negativity.

Religion has gone through the tests of time, and has remained unchanged. What changed was none other than the human spirit.