14 May, 2011

外来人才 · Foreign Talent

Has anyone read about the shipyard blast in Singapore on Thursday afternoon, that killed two foreign talents?

Here's the article- CLICK.

I did not know about the accident until my father came home from work. Apparently his workplace is not far from the shipyard, and the building of his workplace shook for a whole 4 seconds as an effect of the blast.

4 seconds may not seem like a lot. 2 foreign workers did not seem like a big deal in Singapore, even more honestly because it wasn't Singaporean, and thus wasn't paid much attention in news.

What occurred to me was, how close I was to losing my father that one random afternoon.

Of course, some news reports stated that the Bangladesh worker had only been in Singapore for 3 months as brought in by his relative, hoping that it would improve his life.

How about the Malaysian?

Not long ago during General Election, people were talking about curbing the number of foreign talents.

I have to agree with that, because of the 5million population in Singapore, only 2million plus are "native" Singaporeans, so to speak.

But then if you look at this case, how many Singaporeans are willing to take up some dangerous jobs? And the salary is, what, SGD$1000 or less?

My point is, while there are sectors that the government should control the influx of foreign talents, we cannot deny their effort totally. In fact, think about National Day Parade, when the organising committee had to resort to "collect your own rubbish and stand a chance to win a prize" or something along that line.

To a certain extent, Singapore is a clean and green garden city because

(1) our government can afford (financially) to hire more foreign talents to clean the environment, and
(2) there are people taking time to add in the greens in the heartlands and city alike.

On a certain level, I cannot agree that Singaporeans are the ones who keep the environment clean. Just see the mess we leave after celebrations and whatnot.