29 May, 2011

Office Keys

I had a long break from work and got back to office on Thursday, after "market research" for the new show as well as for my graduation from Ngee Ann.

Been having awesome transportation luck since then!

Like Friday for example, I was wasting time at home in the morning walking around, so despite waking early, I only set off for work at 9.30am. When I'm suppose to reach Bras Basah complex area by 10am.

So thought like, SHIT!!!


Bus came when I got to bus stop, same for MRT. And I super-miraculously got to workplace at 9.55am!

Mad happy.

And boss came, and gave me office key duplicate, saying I need not wait outside office anymore in the future. Kinda happy and touched because it means that I've gained the trust of people at work!

It's always good to know that people trust that you are not any terrorist. XD