05 May, 2011

群众大会 · Rally (VII)


The 9-day campaign for General Election 2011 is coming to an end, and tonight's rallies would be the grand finale.


In the past 9 days, never-before-seen-and-heard voices and freedom has surfaced in Singapore, and I think it's a good chance for the ruling party to hear what the people have to say amidst some grievances. As for the opposition, it's the time for them to stay on high alert, but also a chance for them to interact with residents from other constituencies.


As a resident of Ang Mo Kio GRC though, I've been disappointed with the lack of fight from Reform Party. It's just like going forth to do something, but not staying back to fight for it or be responsible. A thought of anger from me, how I hope they don't get back the deposit from Nomination Day.


Frustrations aside, all we can do is wait for Saturday's arrival.


Thursday rallies-