09 May, 2011

薪水 · Salary


I have the urge to blog about some thoughts not relevant to General Election...


As a Polytechnic soon-to-be graduate, I think it isn't hard to find a job. But when it comes to filling in a resume, there's a certain blank I found difficult to fill in- Expected Salary.


It's the first time I'm joining the industry and society, and salary is one thing that is hardly talked about during lessons. Therefore, I've always felt myself being in a difficult position. What if my expected salary is too high, and the employer would look down on me or deprive me a chance for interview? And what if my expected salary is too low, and I'll find myself "cheap" in the long run? That's really hard to accept.


On the other hand, I've been considering to purchase a new mobile phone, and was planning how to arrange and curb the expenses that are likely to incur.


I suddenly realise that in relative, my monthly salary can be used in more ways than that of a cleaning lady, and that there are also people in higher positions whose monthly salary is a year of mine. That's another thought that is hard to accept.


I remember back in my primary school days when I first heard two classmates talking about exchanging "bubblegum", and I wanted to join their clique. Some time later, I came to understand that they meant "Bubblegum" in the Neopets world. But anyway, that's how I started getting obsessed with the Neopets world.


In fact, Neopets has pretty much similar rules and underlying principles with reality.


I like to earn Neopoints through games, but my brothers prefer to invest in stocks that are more profitable within a short period of time.


It shows that even in a cyber world, there would still be some people trying the traditional way to work hard, and there would also be a bunch of people who earn money by taking chances. Of course, there would also be people who choose to earn money the stable and consistent way.


It's like a principle of life of mankind, in our thinking and means of survival. It's just that relative to children, adults are more likely to be aware of the situation.


Of course, there would always be a bunch of people willing to work hard, bit by bit.