25 May, 2011

幸运星 · Sunshine

To the Lucky Star and Sunshine who have pushing me towards excellence for the past three years

Fate can be really marvelous sometimes- there are some people who can make you feel safe and assured at the very first sight.

I went through three years of Polytechnic studies while holding on to that feeling.

Whenever I feel down from fruitless effort, I would think of you. I would tell myself that I can achieve whatever it is if you can do it. That your success would be my success.

Just like this, your mere existence made me persevere to the eve of graduation. It suddenly occurred to me that I've achieved what I've set out to do.

That your success would be my success.

Although I don't know you in person nor have I chatted with you, but you've always been my inspiration to work harder. Your success would always bring a smile to my face, and reassure me that the road ahead isn't the kind of unknown we fear.

I can express gratitude to my lecturers, family and friends, but at this moment, I've lost sight of you.

It's almost as if you're really the sunshine that goes down beyond our sight for the second half of the day.

In fact, I embrace the strange and unclear feeling I feel about you, and secretly hope that our paths would never cross ever again. At least I'd be able to hold on to that feeling forever, and preserve it at the bottom of my heart.

But if I ever have a chance to let you know, I wish to say...

Thank you.