18 August, 2011

Review: Best Mobile Ice-Cream Portion

I love mobile ice-cream vendors!

I've been a big fan since primary school days, when an uncle would park his vehicle just outside my school, and kids dash to buy after school. Over the years, I've tried ice-cream from quite a few vendors, and I want to share the locations of some good vendors!

I love the scoops-in-cup kind as compared to a block between two waffles. However, what some vendors offer is a cup of ice-cream, but they scoop from the varieties for the waffle type, ie the chocolate, corn, durian, strawberry, raspberry. I think that's just awful, but maybe that's just me. If you're those who like varieties-for-value, then go for that!

Anyway, there's another type that's from a famous ice-cream company that's in Singapore. You'll recognise the logo and mascot from the umbrella and labels on the ice cream holder. To my surprise, that's actually mediocre.

If you've tried ice-cream that has got bits and pieces of ice in them, that probably shows that the ice-cream isn't "fresh". It is because the temperature of the fridge isn't consistent, so the ice-cream has been frozen and melted a few times, thus the water became bits of ice in the ice-cream. That's bad anyway.

Well, the best is the one that mixes three flavors in brown, yellow and pink.

The way to determine the "authentic" one? Try the chocolate. There's a very unique taste to the chocolate of the three. It's unlike the usual choclate ice-cream you get in food chains and mama shops. It leaves a strong aroma after it melts.

One place where you can find it is at the new Ponggol garden where there's a river. The seller is a Malay and he's there some nights.

Picture Credit: StreetDirectory.com

Another place that offers not just the authentic ice-cream, but also the BIGGEST portion I've EVER tried is around 565 Thomson Road between the florists (the one in the picture).

Not worth going down for it, but if you happen to be nearby, go for it!