18 August, 2011

Review: My Dessert House

I love hanging out at Ang Mo Kio hub mainly because my friends live in the neighbourhood. So one of my favourite food outlet is My Dessert House, located at the basement right in front of Watsons.

One of the best things about the place is how spacious it seems. The furniture is comfortable, and the layout is such that almost every table is at a corner, something many people prefer as it gives some sort of privacy.
Another thing I love about the place?
There's a clipboard for you to write your table number (taped at the corners of the tables) and your specific orders.

I think it's a great concept, especially when you are a picky customer. For example, I'm the kind who would order a waffle and state that I want less cinnamon powder and more honey. That's the sort of thing I always feel that waiters hear but can't be bothered to note. Or if you want a drink, and state less sugar, don't want toppings A and B, but you still want topping C. At least you can be sure the message is brought across.
How is it different from places like MOF that does something similar, but they list all the food on the order sheet?
For one, MOF's order list font size is about 4, and Dessert House's is about size 12. I had a horrible experience because MOF's order sheet is so hard to read, plus all the abbreviations, I made sure that I ordered the right meat, but I ordered Soba instead of Udon. =(
But of course, to be fair, the service and portions at MOF are bigger and more atas. For Dessert House, you have to fill in the order sheet and bring to pay at counter to make your order. But they serve the food to your table. Have I mentioned that their staff is very friendly, polite and thoughtful?

Previously they sold chocolate eclairs, and I bought like five mini ones that make up one person's portion. However, they saw that I was with two friends, so they provided three forks for my small portion of dessert. That's really observant and thoughtful!
They have a few blends that are worth trying out, the best being Champagne Grape. The drinks are slightly sweeter than average, but the fruits used are more sour to balance out the sweetness. So if you don't like sour strawberries/grapes, just put a note in the order list! See what I mean? =)

Champagne Grape Ice Blend

Another dessert I love from the place is the Chocolate sundae. It's just the normal sundae, but I love the portion that's generous, but doesn't kill.

The last best thing got to be their promotions that you can check out HERE.
In terms of fastfood, I've always preferred McDonalds to KFC because Mac's serving is just nice, but KFC's set always make me feel too full. In this case, Dessert House's serving is pretty well-measured.
If you haven't realised, the illustrations of their dishes are pretty accurate, as you can compare the sundae photo I took to the one in their menu. I hate places where they show that the portion is BIG, but comes like a kid's meal portion. That's called scam, and it's annoying.
Their curry is always sold out when I visit at night, so I guess it's one dish you should try if you ever visit!
These being said, there were a few dishes that weren't as good when my friends and I went, so take note if you ever visit! If you're easily satisfied then it shouldn't be a problem.
  • Braised Chicken with Rice
  • Egg Baked Rice
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup