18 January, 2012

新年 · New Year


1. Run at least 5 days a month
As you may know, I completed 100km last year. But the thing was that, the routine wasn't fixed. As in, I hardly ran in the first half of the year, and it was successful mostly because of the hardwork later in the year.

So this year, I just hope to run five days a month, and if each time I can still manage to run 3km. That would be a whopping [ (5 x 3) x 12 ]km = 180km. So still comparably good relative to last year loh. But I'm pretty sure I won't be able to stick to this EVERY month. *chuckles*


2. Launch CL website and/or YouTube channel
I've been wanting to do a real Chinese website eversince OVB times, because I believe there is such a potential Chinese market out there. So since last year, I've been talking to Hui Ting, Pohpee and Shi Qi about it and I'm hoping to launch it, latest, by June this year.

As for the YouTube channel... It's just a thought. I feel like I'm growing out of blogging and I want to try some more. Since Facebook is not on my list... Why not YouTube, right? ^_^

3. Remain single

4. Try 5 new things and visit 5 new places
I'm never really an adventurous person, seeing how I can go to the same coffeeshop for 5 years and only had ONE same dish there every. single. time.

So this year... I want to try new stuff! Before I turn 21. (:

Note: I've received a few positive comments from friends and colleagues, but I'd like to clarify the three "WON'Ts" - Won't go clubbing, Won't do anything illegal, Won't go against my principles

5. Read more newspapers and books
The reason being... I really like buying and reading books, but eversince I started working, I find myself having significantly lesser time to read my bookshelf collections. So this year I hope I'd be able to find time, amidst all the craziness, to read some of the books. And update myself on the news every now and then so that I won't be an ignorant adult.

6. Blog more, relative to last year (172 entries)
I really wish to document more highlights of my life in my blog but I'm lacking the motivation to come online, post pictures and recount the fun stuff. Or happy stuff. So I wish to share more of those this year! (:

7. Lose 5kgs
Self-explanatory. Didn't succeed last year, gotta keep trying man!

8. Be more organised
For my expenses and for managing the household bills. I hope that we won't get any overdue bills letters this year especially because the fine now is no longer 50cents, but 1% of bill instead. Can you imagine that? If utilities bill is $200, the fine would be $2. Super waste money for no reason.

I've downloaded an Android app called Lemon, and hopefully I would be better at managing and keeping my expenses in line... resulting in more savings. (:

9. Watch 10 movies and/or performances
The first one coming up would be AJ Rafael's performance that I'd be covering at work!

10. Write a diary (hardcopy) in Chinese
Yes! Previously in Poly, I'd scribble my thoughts and all in my notebook where I write all my lecture and tutorial notes. But now that I have graduated, my notebook has mostly consisted of notes for work that I only need to refer to every now and then... Plus my calendar that records the plans I have made to meet people and whatnot.

And also... Some time last year end, I found my handwritten diary of when I was in Xinmin... I realised that it was an extremely precious way to document my thoughts and how I felt at those points in time.

Looking back, a lot of the memories are very vague. But because of the diary, I felt my fears and successes more clearly. It opened up my brain to a lot of memories that I have forgotten in time. So this year... Seeing how I wish to accomplish so many things... I wish to document how I feel at those moments too! It would be, frankly speaking, more honest and clear than what I blog because some of those feelings are very personal. And also, those things that I can't divulge related to work, I can write them in my diary.

PLUS! I realised that I have sorta lost touch with Chinese so I wish to start making myself reflect in Chinese every now and then... And practise writing Chinese characters! Something that I have seen great improvement personally just ten days into writing. (:


Message for Hui Ying in 2013-

As I write this entry, there's a lot of doubt as of how much I would be able to accomplish- would I feel bitter if they aren't accomplished as successfully as in 2011? Or would I see the need to push myself even harder?

I hope you realised, at the end of the year, that all this pressure you placed on yourself was worthwhile and meaningful. It isn't entirely about the numbers, but trying to pull yourself back in time to find the dreams that you have long forgotten or abandoned.

Your biggest enemy is yourself, and if you can start having the mentality that yes you can achieve! maybe you are doing yourself a favour, and taking the big step into adulthood.

All these while since graduation from Xinmin... You've had a lot of doubts and low points, wondering if going to Poly was right, if missing Uni was right. Never forget the determination you had to excel, to beat yourself and prove others wrong. You are who you are, whichever way you choose in life. You may feel left out in the simplest situations when your friends make purchases with student concessions.

But keep in mind... Those are just a few years of discomfort. They don't mean much. Between 3 years of education and 3 years of experience, you chose the latter. There's nothing wrong with that, if you made the decision worthwhile by fighting hard every moment you have now.

I wish you all the best, and hopefully you'll smile and find even more courage to excel in the new year.

Always remember, stay brave, Hui Ying.

最后想说…… 脑袋可以没有方向,但是心绝对不能失去直觉性的方向感。

If you are anyone I know, and you wish to help me out for any of the NYR... Like going somewhere with me or wanna watch a performance with me... Let me know! Leave me a comment, or contact me!