04 February, 2012

Favorite Shows - Hosts

I'm hooked on shows aired on We TV/SET recently (since November 2011 actually)!

I watch the shows aired on mio, and I got to say that channels 20-24 air some of the most impressive shows I've seen.

Decided to write this entry to list my top three favourite show hosts, because they are so awesome, and it seems to me that their character made the show a success. (or maybe it's the work of the editor)

#3: Rachel Zoe

Although I've only watched one episode of The Rachel Zoe project, I have great admiration for Rachel.

She's the kind of girl I aim to become - successful, confident, and knows exactly what she wants. Also, that little bit of nerves.

From an outsider's point of view, I guess it's really cool to find employees who know just what you are looking for, and it's awesome to have the same ideas, and can talk about the same brands when styling for a celebrity.

More about the show: http://www.bravotv.com/the-rachel-zoe-project

#2: Tatiana Londono

You know a show is great, when it isn't a genre you fancy, but makes an exception to attract your attention.

I hate anything science/maths, but this show made me want to watch on and on! It's about the industry, how people work altogether and how to handle human relations, and most importantly, it's about making the right decisions for things to work out.

Sometimes the decisions Tatiana has to make go beyond the industry, and works in common daily situations. The show made me think about what may happen in my life, and how I should deal with it. Simply put it, a show that teaches how to raise your EQ and OQ.

I appreciate how she learns to put different types of different employees in different working situations, so as to let them reach their fullest potential. Some people work better in teams, some work better on their own. In her mentality, it seems like everyone has a place where they belong, and it makes me feel a sense of acceptance and hope.

More about the show: http://www.hgtv.com/property-shop/show/index.html

#1: Tabatha Coffey

Here comes a successful woman to change someone's life, and affect many around them.

I love how she changes not just the shop front, but also the people's lives. It's easy to tell when someone is trying to help because they truly want you to be better.

She has an aura that signifies power and authority, yet doesn't seem too revolting. She says all she feels like saying, and no matter how straightforward she is, it's all because she really wants to make something work out.

In my opinion, meet just one such person, and my life is complete. She teaches the right way of life and of work, of logic and of relationships, of money and of minds.

More about the show: http://www.bravotv.com/tabatha-takes-over


The above are my top three favourite show hosts so far, and it's not difficult to see that they all have a thing in common- successful.

I guess part of my appreciation comes from the fact that I'm not a confident person and these people who have the courage to fight for what they know they want have me awestruck. In a sense, they are way better teachers than what I learn in school. They teach about life through the smallest decisions, and watching the shows made me grew in ways that I never knew till recently.

For that, I'm really grateful that Mediacorp shows are so horrible, being a catalyst for me to sign up for such channels.