15 February, 2012

I Hate Goodbyes

Half a month went by.

This week has been pretty horrible, to be honest.

Intern guy is leaving, leaving us with one guy in office again; and Tre is leaving too. She's supposedly the one who has been at the company the longest (2-3 years), second to boss. When I first got to the company, she and the admin colleague were closest to me because I didn't dare to talk to Cherie and boss.

And now come to think of it, admin colleague had left and gave birth to a child, and Tre is leaving. And I'm only just getting close to being at the company for a year (by the end of this month).

The company went through a lot of shuffles, and only by June did the employment all settle down. But now the shuffle is happening again, and someone new would be coming in again, somehow I found it overwhelming and saddening.

It caused me to be very moody, because I don't know how to face it. It's like losing a CHS classmate, realising that we would not be able to graduate as a class.

This is sort of killing me inside. =(

It's hard to imagine how we had managed to piss each other off when I first started work at clicknetwork family. It's the kind of feeling like, if I can turn back time to relive those moments, I would have tried to be a nicer person for the better of the relationship. All the misunderstandings were so inconsequential. I guess we all grew up since the talk.

And I hope we would still be friends, in Singapore or in two different lands.