12 March, 2012

Wong Fu in Singapore

Another belated entry because according to work ethics, I can't blog about pictures/events before I release them on Facebook. So here's the Wong Fu Productions visit to Singapore!

We had a chance to interview them in a car - http://www.clicknetwork.tv/watch.aspx?c=5&p=36&v=726 - and also filmed them during their talk at Suntec Shopping Mall Rock Auditorium. I love media pass!

I didn't get a chance to blog about AJ Rafael Red Roses concert tour in Singapore, but I really enjoyed that because the pass we had allowed us to go backstage! In fact, we made it to the theatre via the backstage, to the stage, and jump down from the stage to the stall seats to set up our camera. It was a fun entrance indeed. (:

Anyway! This is the first event that I'm using a DSLR, so I took photo of the media pass discreetly at my seat for a warm up.

I was seated at the first row middle seats, so I saw Philip and Wesley upclose! They are so funny and real. I like that YouTubers who come to Singapore hold events where people can really see them upclose.
Anyway, the event was all about them talking and showcasing their videos, and while I hated Philip before the event (act cool in my sense), I grew to like him during the talk! I guess it's always great to see people being serious with their work. And it wasn't that he's trying too hard - that's just the way he is! New found respect for him and his pride in his work.

Managed to capture the above shot of Wesley looking distressed, and I'm really proud of it! (:

 你拍我,我拍你,We are happy family~

Check it out yo! They looked into my camera! I'm so happy! Wahaha.

I had actually gone to the toilet before the show started, and bumped into Phil. Just that I was preoccupied thinking about taking photos with DSLR, that it didn't occur to me to wave and say hi! Damn paiseh when I realised that I didn't react, only when I returned to my seat. Talk about wols!

After the talk, I took some photos of the meet and greet session that was conducted in a haste due to time constraint. I really appreciate their talent and success, and wish that I can be touring like them too someday. =')

Have I said that it's also my first time in Rock Auditorium? The Toys 'R' Us on the top floor is also gone, from the last time I visited. Sad. But it shows how long I haven't been there.

I've never liked America, but if I ever do have a chance to visit, I wanna visit the Wong Fu people and Shane Dawson! Maybe KevJumba too, I got to admit that. Heh.

I guess meeting these stars are one bonus of my work that I can't complain about. But it takes A LOT to keep myself calm when I'm starstruck and having fireworks explosion in my heart! Not to mention the number of glares I get for being able to stand close to them in the media area. Wahaha.

It's all worthwhile.