30 March, 2012


Forgot to bring some photos back from the office lunch farewell for one of my colleagues, Tre, so I shall blog about some really funny snippets of conversations that took place in our office!

So some time ago a lady came to our office to see Stephanie, and then Steph called the lady Fifi.

I heard it, but I thought that's her name (and I shouldn't judge!).

During the office lunch, though, boss brought it up, and then Steph gave a O_O look.

Boss: Her name is Phoebe (Febe) but you called her Fifi!

Steph: Oh! But I thought some people also pronounce it as Fifi?

Boss: No, it's Phoebe.

It's so funny seeing how Steph really meant it! It's not about laughing at her, but more about how... different we all are at the office.

During the lunch, too, Steph ordered a cup of strawberry mango banana smoothie. Guess boss was busy talking to Fin and Brina, and she didn't notice that Steph's drink was next to her.

Towards the end of the meal, boss finally took one good look at the table, and saw Steph's drink.

Boss: ...wow... that's like...

...800 calories.

We all burst out laughing because boss is not the kind of person who is calorie-crazy. At least, never verbally. So her reaction was so hilarious that we all started laughing!

Okay, so for the third part, there's this atas-baker-standard colleague in the office by the name of Cherie that you should know about.

It's always nerve-wrecking to present food before her, cos she is a really professional-jargon food critic, in a really good and constructive way.

Previously when boss brought in a batch of cupcakes, for example, we would all be commenting like...

ooh, it's a little too sweet.

I think the icing is awesome.

The cupcake itself isn't mixed evenly.

At the very most, it would be something like, I think the ingredients used aren't very fresh.


But Cherie always has something PROFOUND to comment about the food. Serious!

Let me cheem-mise the comments examples I just used. Try to, at least.

mm.. I don't like it. They probably used ready-made icing. It tastes.. artificial. You know how the original is made using _______ and ________ by mixing ______ and doing ______.

Not bad! I wonder where the lady gets the cream cheese, it's probably made from --
(sorry I don't even know the terms she used!!!)

I think the batter may not have been mixed evenly. She probably used butter that wasn't fully melted, that's why there are some bits saltier than the others. Or maybe it was mixed by hand and not evenly done.

Sorry I digressed! So anyway, Cherie was busy with edit on Thursday and could not join us for lunch at the restaurant. We bought takeaway from the same place for her, something that another colleague also ordered.

This time around, I took notes of what they had to say!

Steph: The batter is too lumpy.

Fin: Mm...

And guess what Cherie had to say when she ate it in the office!!!

Cherie: There's too much rosemary.

There was brief silence, and EVERYONE BURSTS OUT LAUGHING.

G: That's what it is!

Once again, the ultimate food critic proved her worth.

Noob Food Critics 0 : Cherie 1

Dear Food Critic, if you ever read this post, I'm sorry if I made you sound too amateur. I know you're more professional than that, but that standard is really truly genuinely beyond me. But you have my respect. And love. (: