24 March, 2012

How Horrible Is Samsung?

Note: This is the email I just sent to the service centre. I know that we learnt in school to make sure that letters are concise, polite and objective. Screw all that. What school didn't teach is that stupid companies take consumers as idiots and pushovers when people try to play nice. On a teaching level, this email is the PERFECT example of... How To Fail Your English Paper 1.


I am writing again to Samsung to complain about the customer service centre irresponsibility.
My Samsung Galaxy S phone has been malfunctioning since February, so I sent my phone to the service centre at Plaza Sing once. The staff did a software update for me, and I could collect my phone in the evening.
The update made the phone worse, and I could not even switch it on. So I sent it to the service centre again days later, only to receive horrible service, which did not even solve the problems I faced with the phone.
I have emailed Samsung once about the dire situation, and I have received a call to say that I would get a new phone in exchange. The catch was that I have to wait for two weeks, which I accepted in peace.
Close to three weeks have passed but I did not get a SINGLE word about my phone. I have called the service centre THRICE in the past 48 hours but all THREE service centre personnel just said that "the service centre would call you back" that NEVER happened.
One said that she would call me back by 6pm yesterday, but I did not receive a response, only to find out at 6.30pm that service centre is closed for the day. I called this morning, and the lady said she would get back to me by 2pm today. I still did not receive a single piece of advice. I called at 3.30pm, only to be greeted by a guy who expects me to go down to the service centre "if you can't wait".
I have been trying to resolve the problem peacefully with your service centre and customer service personnel, but it seems like all I ever got was blank cheques and empty promises, and that is greatly disappointing and revolting. I have been going on for ONE month of inconvenience because of the mistakes on YOUR part, and this is reaching a point when I feel that I would take further extreme steps if Samsung does not give me proper solution and compensation by this week.
This is my final chance to resolve this issue with Samsung, and I do hope that I would get a new phone, cash compensation and/or black-and-white apology from the company for making the Samsung experience at utmost nightmare for the past month.
I expect to receive a decent reply from Samsung by Monday, and no, I would NOT drop by the service centre in person to check for any update. I think I have been nice enough to drop by for three times, and that I deserve better than that as a polite customer to begin with.
Lastly, I hope that the person attending to my email would get the poor communication and job integrity of the service centre known to the team, and reflect on the attitude that is reflected in dealing with the consumers. All I need was a working phone, and Samsung has made it extremely unreasonable beyond tolerance.
Hui Ying