24 March, 2012

手机(第三场) · Mobile Phone (Round 3)

Finally past my boiling point, and had to deal with Samsung with extreme anger and anguish.

Two and a half weeks have passed, and the new phone is still just a verbal phrase.

I called the customer service at 3pm, and the person told me that "the service centre would call you before 6pm today".

6pm came and go, but I still did not get any update. Called the service centre only to know that their working hours end at 6pm.

I thought to myself, maybe they really are busy, maybe they would get back to me first thing tomorrow morning!

Customer service starts at 8am, and I still did not get any update by 10am. Called the service centre once again out of anger, and she told me "I'll definitely get back to you by 2pm today. Yes, 2pm today".

I really wanted to resolve this peacefully, so I waited... until 3pm.

I made a call by 3pm, and for the first time ever, I blasted the person who answered the call. I felt bad for him initially, considering how he's innocent as the two service centre ladies before him were responsible. But then he gave me a rude reply - "We can only inform the service centre, and we don't know if they reply. If you can't wait, you can go down to the service centre to ask."

I'm LIVID! It's not that "I CAN'T WAIT", I have been waiting for the damn customer service for ONE MONTH to resolve this!!!

Samsung is really disappointing, having spent so much money to hire useless people who give nothing more than blank cheques and empty promises.

I've emailed them again, but I said that there's NO way I'm gonna go down to get the phone. Get it TO ME.

If your technology and capabilities are so pathetic, don't put me on the receiving end of your shit. This time I'm not going to be nice. Not anymore, because you guys don't deserve it.

三星,去反省吧。那么丢脸的服务中心,倒不如不要算了。你的一锅米找不到不是老鼠屎的 半丁点儿物体。
Samsung, it's time to reflect. Such shameful customer service, you may just as well close it down. I can't find a single person who is actually doing work at the department. Not a single atom of them is useful.