25 March, 2012

手机(第四场) · Mobile Phone (Round 4)

I was trying to contact the customer service centre just half an hour past their business hours and I could no longer do so. That was Friday.

All I had to do was yell at them, perhaps even nonsensical verbal anger, and their service person was available even at 9pm during the weekend to get back to me about my phone. Apparently my phone is arriving on Thursday, and the lady (Charlene) said that I could go down on Friday to claim it even if no one calls me about the phone arrival. What's with the logic about not contacting the consumer when her exchange arrives?

All my patience and level-headed sanity came to an end, and all I want to do now is to see how much more of my time they can waste.

So long as the physical exchange hasn't happen, there's still a chance that they would screw up.

There's nothing left of trust in them.