26 March, 2012

Nudge The Office Hamster

Our office had a new baby hamster weeks ago, and her name went from Stupido to Zillian before settling as Nudge!

She was Stupido cos she didn't know how to play on the wheel previously, or didn't know how to climb up the stairs. I think she was just to young!

We put up a photo of her on the Facebook page, and people suggested names like Vanilla.. Hamtaro..

Somehow Zillian sounds so strange, but it got stuck as her name while boss was away!

So when boss came back to work, she decided to take away the name.. and then it was a choice between bullet or nudge. Nudge, because you have to nudge her to move. Bullet is sooo not a girl's name. So.. Nudge she was. (:

The first day she arrived at our office, boss told me to check her out, and I couldn't find her in the playground cos she was tiiiiiny. By tiny, I mean, 1.5inch? Or was it smaller? And she was cuddled up sleeping, and I had no idea that was The Hamster.

I guess she was pampered and had too much food in her playground, with a bowl of goodies on level 1 and 2 each, as well as a stick of treats. Heck, even I don't get to live on a two-storey house.

Anyway, it's always funny to find out how much she has grown over the weekends, and it's almost as if everyone became her mother.

"Did she just grow bigger again?"

"Oooh, look at her stuffing her cheeks with food!"

"She poops a lot really fast!"

As well as the small milestones of her growing up progress.

"Gosh, did you see how fast she sprinted across the cage?"

"Look! She's climbing up the treats stick!"

"She learnt how to unscrew the wheel!!"

It's sort of thrilling having her around, but at the same time, she can be such a wreck.

So far she has chewed on the rubber sucker at the back of the wheel, unscrewed the wheel, got stuck between the two wooden trees, fell from level 2 (don't worry, she's safe) and even managed to kick away the bedding in the foreground. Who would have thought a girl would spell such trouble? Haha.

It has only been a few weeks, but it feels like she has grown into a big girl already. And yes, she bit me twice, and bit Brina a couple of times too. Nothing serious, just being defensive in her growing up years.

We have had the light on above her playground for the past week so that the viewers can check Nudge out anytime, but it seems to have caused her enough stress to want to squeeze herself behind the wheel to get some darkness (and rest).

Realising that, we've decided to give her a break from her studio lights, so that she wouldn't be so crazy about the one small dark corner. In fact, as soon as we leave work at the end of the day, she has all the darkness she wants for herself. I hope she's happier.

Just like us, it takes time for adults to learn about what the kids need. (: