18 August, 2011

My 20th Birthday

One of the highlights of this year has been getting employed at Munkysuperstar Pictures, better known as the company behind clicknetwork.tv in Singapore. I have to thank the bunch of loves who taught me so many new things, and it has truly been a life-changing experience.
So a week before my birthday, I started preparing foam tags for the bunch! (:

But procrastination set in, and I could only finish with the trimming and attachment of badge safety pins on the eve of my birthday.
Boss had told me that we'll have my birthday dinner with Don on Thursday after news shoot, so I thought things were fine till then. Boss also promised that there would be no pranks, but honestly? I couldn't believe any more than half of it because I'm scared of karma! Hahaha~

Anyway, the first thing that came to my mind on Wednesday was- Boss is in pink! She usually wears black/white/grey/dark-colored tops in general. Apparently she bought that shirt to attend Pink Dot. Hmm.
Then next weird thing I realised was that Stephanie was exceptionally well-dressed too. She came in a super nice-looking top! And Cherie was wearing a dress, slightly chio-er than her usual.
At 11am plus I thought it's quite cool that everyone dressed nicely without saying to do it together in advance!
Then.. the next weird thing gave a bit of the surprise away- Althea, a nice person from the office used-to-be next door, started chatting with me on G-chat, and wished me happy birthday!

I thought something was up, but thought she remembered wrongly when I told her at the company BBQ. 

I was waiting for Stephanie to ask me if I want to join her for lunch, cos that's what she usually does before 2pm. But she didn't speak a word, neither did anyone go for their separate lunch!


Boss had put in our common shared calendar that she's out the whole afternoon and for the rest of the day. Then suddenly she popped back into office, looking all flustered. Hahahaha, and she said,"sorry guys, I'm late.... shall we go for lunch?"
AND THEN!!!!!!

Everyone was just-so-happen to be ready to leave! That's like IMPOSSIBLE!

The usual is, someone initiates the lunch? question, and then after a lot of dilly-dally, we will set off.  
So I couldn't help it, and raised my suspicions in the lift, when I caught an evil glimpse from someone... forgot who. Next thing I know, the lift went to the basement, and they told me to put on blindfold... when I was about to text Pohpoh! Lol.
So apparently Boss' husband, who has his office a level below ours, booked Queenstown MacDonalds' party for me! WOOHOOOOO~~~
There were too many pictures, so I can only put them in a montage... Gotta admit though, they are not in their aspect ratio! Sorry if anyone looked fatter (ie me). 
OH RIGHT. On the journey, I felt like my sense of hearing was getting much better without sense of sight, which happens to be the one thing I fear losing most. 
But I never got to find out who else was on the car with me, other than Fin and Boss. =// *shrugs*

OH! And--- I was thinking what's the worst that could happen, because I heard Boss' grins. Then the first thing that came to my mind?

(Anywhere but there!!!)
Yup. It's a Thai club, and I don't like clubbing, plus not ready for any sort of sleaziness halfway through work. Lol.
That guess made my boss laugh.
Okay enough said! PICTURES!!!

We had to play the usual party games, and there were two.
(1) Two teams, and the team members have to peg onto Boss/me one at a time, and the team with the most pegs at the end of 30seconds wins. Um. Our team lost, cos we were honest, and lined up a metre away from me, and queued, then proceed one by one. Boss' team was just standing around her, arms taking turns! 

Lollol. Anyway, everyone's happy. 

(and MCD staff cheated us, say winner will get extra prize in the goody bags at the end....)
but anyway most of the goodies they gave us ended up in props..

Then the second game.... Musical chairs!

Everyone's lesson of the day was seeing Boss' GAME FACE!

She won, of course!

As people would say it, you only believe it when you see it.
Hahaha. But it was for pure entertainment, no hard feelings! ((:

Ended with a meal, and singing birthday song plus cut cake. AWWWWW... Thank you everyone!


Cherie actually BAKED me a cake, not buy! ZOMG!

If you haven't notice, my name on the cake is manually drawn delicately in the Harry Potter design! Mad awesome right?!?!?! If you say no, you must be a Twilight fan. Then go away. Lol.

And then I got the birthday girl presents!!!
Another funny news-worthy bit- the crew called us by the names written on the "crown", and cos Cherie wrote mine as birthday girl, the crew called me "Birthday Girl" throughout. For real.

So cute...! Hahaha~

After all the fun, we got back to the office, and Cherie showed me the draft of the cake she sneakily did in her notebook. So cute and sweet. Thanks muchie x97489378924

Anyway, the used-to-be-next-door-office people were too busy at work to join the party, so I brought the other half of the cake goodness down to their office...
"Freda chose this for you, so if you don't like, it's her fault."


I wasn't even expecting any present from them please... I dunno, the thought of it makes me wanna cry. =')

And more importantly, there were a few post-it notes on the bag of the presents... I kept them in mua wallet! So thankful for the bunch of nice people I've got the chance to meet in the past half a year or so.
Like seriously, if Boss never accommodated me in the first place, none of this would have ever happened.
I could be slogging out in a Chinese media publishing company, or working like crazy in some random places.
All I can say is, I'm thankful, thankful, and extremely thankful.

I was so touched by the present from Althea, Freda and Sheena, that when I got back to office and opened it up, I was in such a daze that I declared that it's a bag.
And it wasn't until like 5738256871minutes later when Cherie corrected me, that it's a leather jacket.

It was all great fun, minus the one thought that... I should have won a chio-er top that day. HAHAHA.