04 March, 2012


Latest Twitter trend - #SGstudentsalways

Thought that was a funny trend because... we really SAY a lot of rubbish as students!

"Wah study until damn sian..."
- when we are doing Ten-Year Series exercises (Yes, it was TYS during my time)

"Walao eh damn killer!"
- after an exam paper that's really tough and unexpected

"What time you sleep last night?"
- competing to be the one who slept the least, as if it means that you studied harder

"Cher, can postpone test or not? We have three tests this week and a lot of homework eh!"
- always attempting to get teachers to postpone tests

"Eh you know what XXX get?" / "I think XXX scored the highest..."
- pretend not to care about someone's grade, but try to find out from his/her friends behind their backs. Especially those competitive students. But the XXX often finds out what you're doing. #fail

"I need to stop procrastinating"
- often said, hardly happens

"No, you are opaque."
- trying to be funny when the teacher asks "Class, have I made myself clear?"

"Can don't go/buy or not~"
- when teachers announce excursions or expect us to buy some out-of-our-league storybooks. Especially literature.

Gone were the funny days, but the best thing said got to be from my E Maths teacher, when we said that prime factorisation very sian.

"Don't tell me you sian. I've been teaching this same syllabus for 10 years, if you sian, I am sian to the power of sian!"

Suddenly remembered some funny phrases/made-up words that went around in our school!

ALAF - Act Like A Fool
Joker in class does something stupid, and someone else exclaims "HAHA, ALAF ah you!"

When our teacher assigns homework. I have no idea why they said that though.

Kena owned
Not really sure what that meant...

Go fly kite lah you!
Buzz off.

Said when the class gets back an exam paper, and someone who didn't study for the paper did really well. Means something like... did well by chance/luck.