27 March, 2012

为什么在乎饶欣龙 · Why Yaw Matters

This is an entry I have been wanting to write eversince the Yaw scandal came to light.

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It's inevitable for youth to be rebellious at some points of growing up, and that shows the importance of an opposition party in making Singapore grow. It's like how competition and pressure from Channel U's existence significantly raised the standards of Channel 8. It's the kind of change that competition and pressure brings about.

As a youth, I respect WP, but hate their silence at the same time.

Why do I care about Hougang?

Hougang is like a rebellious part of Singapore, a part we can't do without. Power and authorities aside, Hougang has kept the fighting spirit alive, passing on the courage of never fearing to be going against the flow.

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Liu is a hero, but there's not a single hero who can be growing with the country for eternity.

Just as we are at the crossroads of passing the baton to the younger generation, Liu took the first carefully-considered step out of his comfort zone.

Why do I care about Yaw?

He was the person catching the baton from Liu, the one who should endorse the spirit and continue the race, continue passing on the Hougang spirit. That's growth of the party, and there's the first step of handing over to the younger generation.

Amidst so much doubts during the election period, Yaw never waivered, and eventually got the deal.

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As commonly said, "the territory is safe for another four or five years for now."

Who would have thought that he would be such a letdown?

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His reputation dropped to pit bottom overnight, giving those who support the ruling party a chance to say "I told you so!" and leaving the life-long supporters of WP feeling disappointed.

It's a well-known fact that Hougang is a prey that's constantly eyed by some candidates. The first one never made it, the second one worked his way up and in. Occasionally appearing on the papers for some good deeds, other times announcing his low-profile style in a high-profile manner. With these people around, the stability of Hougang spirit is so vulnerable to the slightest touch.

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Suddenly thought of a question someone posed to me during GE last year - why do/should I support and believe them?

Media reports and black-and-white qualifications aside, exactly how much do we know about these candidates that are brought before us? Where are they from? How's their reputation? What have they been doing? How's their character? How do they treat people?

It's ironic of our ignorance, because it clearly shows that who we trust is decided just like how it was in school - qualifications are The Thing.

Lastly, as a personal and silent note, I wish WP all the best for this latest challenge. Every setback is a chance to grow, and I hope you maintain the respectful silence in face of those who put you down intentionally. May you prove your worth in time with your capability and right mindset.

So long as what you do remain in line with what you limit yourself in the first place, your success is never too far from where you are as you grow.