16 May, 2012

Another First

It's my last day at work, and I wanted to make something for my colleagues to thank them for being such an awesome bunch all these while.

Somehow I've been thinking of something along the line of chocolates. I wanted to buy each of them customized gifts, but I thought, what would they do with it, if they didn't like it?

So I decided to mould some chocolates, so as to leave them some sweet memories. (:

Fun Fact #1:
I didn't create the chocolate mixture from the start

I merely MOULD them using the star-shape mould. It's funny because I wanted it to stand for Munkysuperstar, and I bought the orange one, not realising that that doesn't matter because the chcolate wouldn't turn orange.

Fun Fact #2:
I'm really bad with estimation...

...so I didn't buy enough chocolate! I thought one bar of Van Houten would be enough, but apparently not. I freaked out when I realised that I've only got enough to make 8 chocolates. So at 11pm, I went to get another 4 bars.

That makes three flavors of chocolates - semi-sweet dark chcolate (Steph doesn't like sweet stuff), dark chocolate with mashmellows & white chocolate.

This is my first attempt at creating food gifts and I'm glad no one died from eating them! (: Because I'm usually very paranoid about hygiene and would wash my hands after every step just to make sure that it's clean. Aka very tedious! So.. I doubt I'd be making food anytime soon. For others, at least. I don't mind detox personally.