04 June, 2012

Cool Sites for Procrastination

Saw an entry on Cool Websites on scene.sg, and I decided to do my own entry of interesting sites that are accomplices of youth procrastination!

1. F My Life

A site that allows users to share recounts that are funny to read, unless it happened to yourself.

Today, I had an unbearable itch on my foot that I could not make go away with my nails, so I grabbed the stapler in my drawer to scratch it with.Bad idea. FML

Have fun rating the entries either I agree, your life sucks or You deserved it.
If you love the site, also check out the FML app that provides entertainment on the go! Also available as Android widget so that you can read random submissions when you have just 30 seconds to spare.

2. Gives Me Hope (GMH)

Known as the optimistic version of FML, site users share heartwarming stories that brings a smile to your face! They also have a similar site, Love Gives Me Hope, that shares similar stories but love-related.

I stuck my english quotes up around the house to help me remember them.
They had been up a week when I started to notice that there were new post-its notes going up.  
My brother knew I wasn't confident for my english exam so he puts up post-it notes saying "You can do it sis" and "We all believe you can do it". 
Thoughtful old brothers GMH 

Personally, it's a site I visit whenever I need something to feel happy about. (:

3. My Life Is Average (MLIA)

MLIA is a site that I was once extremely addicted to! It's where you share the mundane things in life, aside from all the highlights you share on Facebook and other social media platforms.

One of my favourites is when the average word of the day was bed and someone posted an entry saying he/she just realised that the word bed actually looks like a bed.

Which is so true!

Just like FML, you can rate the entries, either average or meh.

4. Monoface

While I was looking through interesting flash websites some time back, I chance upon this Monoface website, where you can choose different facial features and shapes to make up different faces.

It was created by a group of people who took their individual photos, and made it into this flash site for fun. If you're too lazy to switch around manually, use the shuffle face function for instant entetainment!

If you have OCD, you may want to try and switch around each feature one by one to put the face right again. If you want to see what crazy faces others have created, visit their gallery!

5. Cake Wrecks

Can you identify the following character on the cake?

That's what cake wreck is about - professional cakes gone (hilariously) wrong.

I mean, we've all seen pretty cakes baked on shows, but it's also funny and sometimes horrifying to know that things don't always go right.

But the site also features many pretty and awesome cakes, FYI! So you can visit to look and pretty and pretty ugly masterpieces. (:

6. Drawsome or not Drawsome

The site features users-submitted masterpieces from the popular game application Draw Something, and here are the recent awesome few!

It's a good collection of ideas if you come across the same vocabulary, and also a source of entertainment when you see some WTH drawings.

Of course, there would always be a few OCD artists who draw the whole environment, person, scenery, just to illustrate something as simple as an eyeball.

7. Dear Santa

The ultimate time-killer is Dear Santa, where you can talk to the robot for as long as you like! Just like Siri, the Santa has pretty quirky answers sometimes.
You: Do you watch YouTube?Santa: My favorite TV show is American Idol. I tried out for it once, but Simon said I was too fat.
If you like talking to "thin air", there's also a similar app available for mobile devices called SimSimi. It even helps you to complete song lyrics, so if you type in the first line, it would reply with the following line of lyrics. #foreveralone

That's all! Now you have a post to refer to when you're in a mood for not-the-usual time-killing. ;D