30 June, 2012

MSP Revisited

Had the chance to revisit Munkysuperstar and have lunch with the loviees!

First thing I want to talk about is... NUDGE.

Looking back, I felt a little bad that I told boss that it's sfer that Nudge doesn't have another hamster with her. That's because my primary school friend once told me that her hamster 1 killed her hamster 2, and she only realised one morning when she woke up and saw that hamster 1 bit hamster 2 until it's all bloody and she could see its organs.


That sounds super scary.

Now I feel abit guilty, as if I deprived her of her right to socialise. At least dogs have Caesar Milan. Nudge how? So I can only give her massage and bring her out and around for a breather when I visit.

One thing I know is that I have no affinity with pets and babies. But Nudge is the first one that's so obedient and calm on my hands, and has neither bit nor pooped when I played with her on Friday. Until my colleague fed her food while on my palms. Lol. She pooped just a little bit.

Okay, enough about the hamster.
Going back to MSP, honestly, took abit of courage. What if things changed? What if they didn't like me that much anymore? What if things get awkward? What is expected of me?

There's a certain amount of pressure that made me not sleep well the night before.

But arriving at office.. it was just nice to see those faces again. ((:

See boss previewing Now You Know that Cherie's editing...

...see Suzie at Chortle...

...see Daniel editing random things..

Steph at her desk and Brina too.

I got a photo of Cherie and Suzie having a brief discussion, Steph looking for some stationery (omg I had to google this word to be sure) and Brina showed me that they were using some chic tissue boxes for a change, haha.

Brina and I were also at that same spot for another reason, but I don't think that's convenient to explain on a public blog, hahaha.
We had lunch at Ramen Champion at the new Bugis+ aka ex-iluma. So glad boss didn't pay for the meal, otherwise I would have felt very guilty.

As usual, Cherie doesn't want the egg, boss takes the egg white and I take the yolk. Plus a lot of chatting and laughter. (:

When we paid and left, we had to wait for each other. Then boss and Cherie saw the following poster of the six chefs and were discussing their preferences, aka who they think is the hottest amongst the six.

First I have to say, sorry to the six Japanese guys, but it was all just good and harmless fun.
It was a 3:3, with three of us choosing the guy on the extreme left, and the other three choosing the one with a headband.

But the funniest answers were from Steph and Brina.

Brina chose the first guy on the left, as well as the third guy from the right, which made us all burst out into laughter cos that guy really... 长得不怎么样。Haha. Our laughter caught the attention of the cashier guy who came forward to make sure that nothing is wrong with the poster. Then we damn paiseh, and left quickly, lol.

Steph is the oldest (factually, not descriptively) in the company, so before she came, we were betting that she would choose the guy on the extreme right. When Steph came, she commented that the guy on extreme left is the hottest... and the one on extreme right is hot but 可惜 too old.

Then we were like, YEAH OUR GUESS WAS RIGHT! LOL.

Boss and Cherie went to take some photos for scene, we had a little chat, and then boss said she has to go for meeting..
So I went back to office but... I also dunno what to say. So I just walked around and played with Nudge while Brina and Dan cleaned her cage. ^_^

Play until boss returned from meeting... then I left. :')

Going back to visit, and then finally visiting click website made me understand a lot of things.

That it's still possible to be friends even after I leave (thank you Sinli for telling me that's possible in the first place), and that I see even better as of why I needed to leave.

It feel like I died and revisited the place, just to see the past better. I'm glad I made a courageous decision that I know would be best for both parties. =')