18 July, 2012

伦敦奥运2012 · London Olympics 2012

As the London Olympic draws near, relevant news are appearing on my social media feeds and google search more frequently.

However, I seem to be hearing more bad news than good, and one of it seems to be commercialization.

只许州官放火 不许百姓点灯
London Olympics Brand Police: Drawing the line

所谓维护品牌,伦敦一间名为Olympic的咖啡馆必须改名、一群针织爱好者不能让同样维持17天的针织比赛名字与品牌挂钩、在比赛规定区域内不允许赞助商以外的竞争品牌和产品出现。(资料来源 Source)
For what they call a protection of branding, a cafe named Olympics had to change its name, a group of knitters have to change their competition name so that it doesn't relate to the Olympic games, and no competitors products of sponsors are allowed in certain places.

What I don't understand is that the organizers are often talking about involving the public during the Olympics season, including the UK that had pledged to involve 2 million people in exercising before the opening ceremony. At the end of the day, however, the only Olympics influence on the people are a more crowded city, increasingly strained traffic conditions, more rules and more bans.

Cabbies ban from Olympic lanes make business impossible

UK fails to let 2 million people get active before opening ceremony

Do you want participation, or do you want distance?

I think it's clear to us that the athletes dream is as far from as as the celebrity dream, so it doesn't excite me to see them professional athletes compete. People only seem to be concern about who sponsors the athletes, what medal is he going to attain for his country, etc. How could we relate to that?

The brand police wants the businesses to draw a line from the approved Olympics branding. In other words, if you put what they're doing in the local National Day context, we can take part in NDP events, but we can't express our love for the nation in our own ways, we cannot do anything in relation to National Day, and any brand name that relates to Singapore has to be renamed.

Does that  make sense to you?