18 July, 2012

零食万岁! · Awesome new snacks!

Been a fan of munching snacks recently, because it's so hard to resist awesome goodies! So I decided to share the awesomeness, so that you guys can go try them out too!

Lays Seaweed Sushi Chips

I've tried really awesome Lays flavor in China, but it's sad that we don't have those flavors here in Singapore.

墨西哥番茄口味Mexican Tomato Flavor

So I was pretty excited to see the China Lays packaging! The seaweed sushi slices are pretty thin, but the seasoning is way more generous than the ones in Singapore. Awesome flavor that I'd never get tired of!


Frutips Lychee Pastilles

To be very honest, the reason I bought this initially was only because it was on sale. But it's super soft and yummy!

Is there anyone else who can't help but chew pastilles? I can't help it!

出售地点:Watsons (Watsons真的赚了我很多钱……)

(3)Meiji Gummy

I like to roam in supermarkets when I'm free, just to see if there's anything new to try out.

竟然~ 让我找到了日本可爱又好吃的糖果!
AND~ I found Japanese gummy candies!

The one on the left is shaped and flavored like grapes, and you can pull the whole grapevine out of the plastic box at once!

The one on the right (wow, sounds like oral exam) is sushi gummy, and you can pull them all out, fix them up yourself, before you eat them!

The best part is the plastic mold is reusable when you mold liquid chocolates next time! 

出售地点:NTUC (海外特产部)

(4)MG Gummy

If you like chewy gummy candies that are not super sweet, then you'd love the MG Gummy!

My brother actually bought this for me, and I couldn't stop eating it! It comes in two flavors, Cider and Cola. But it's a little expensive as an addiction. =/


Milo Energy Snack Bars

Strictly speaking, this isn't junk food, but an energy bar, but I have to feature this, because the taste is super awesome!

如果你有吃过萨其马, 那就是这零食的口感。有一点粘、一点甜,但不会很腻。有时候在忙着做事情忘了吃饭,就会吃一条!赞!
If you've tried candied fritter, that's exactly the texture of the Milo snack bar. It's a little sticky, a little sweet, and not those overwhelming flavors that you'd get tired of easily.

There are two types, with milk (green and white box) and without milk (green and yellow box).  But they cost the same, so it's more worth the price to choose the milky one right? Lollol.

售价:$5.45/盒 (一盒有6包) 
出售地方:NTUC(常有促销,买两盒有折扣)、Cold Storage(售价比较贵,超过$6!)

That's all for this entry! Enjoy!