11 July, 2012

“Hello Miss...”

Met my form teacher from primary one at my brother's graduation ceremony last night.

14 years have passed, and it's still the same spectacles, look, smile and aura.

I still remember how I used to draw when I was younger, so I couldn't help but drew how I had drawn her in the past.

I've always been the kind of person to avoid classmates when I see them on the streets.

Because I cannot be sure if they recognised me, and besides, what's there to say?

How are you? There may not be genuine concern behind the question, just a question to avoid awkwardness.

Who's this with you? Would it seem a little busybody of me to ask? Isn't it weird to introduce our parents when it isn't a formal meeting? (To me it is)

So I'm always afraid to see people I used to know.

But when I saw Miss Teo yesterday, there was a warm fuzzy feeling that came to me from within, and I even felt a little teary (but not from the flu that I had).

I walked up to her naturally to say hi.

“Hello Miss...”

Awkward~ It's been 14 years, so is she still a 'Miss'? Would she whack me for saying that?

And the hello faded off just like this.

老师是去参加弟弟的毕业典礼,所以说,我们都是there for our brothers' graduation.
Miss Teo was there to attend her brother's graduation, just like I am.

激动-ing 仍未停止。
I was feeling quite emotional.

And before I left, I actually said

"I'm really really happy to see you again!"

我从来没有那么激动、那么…… 直接。
I've never been this emotional and honest with my feelings when meeting someone I haven't met in a long while. But it all came so naturally.

Unlike the usual, it didn't worry me how she thought of me. I didn't care if she thought I looked matured, uglier, fatter or anything. I was all immersed in the familiarity from the past.

Was really glad that I have a young and healthy heart, or I may have had suffered a heart failure.

When all the emotions settled, I came to see that if it's a true old friend, we would never worry about feeling awkward, or that we have nothing to talk about.

It's because we have had so much in common in the past, and all the things that we have to talk about would fill in any awkward gaps. And communication suddenly becomes very natural, and no judgements matter.

Come to think of it, I have a handful of such good buddies.

Thank you for being there. (: