14 July, 2012

So Singaporean

Over the years, I've grown to love Singapore more than I did when I was younger (and more ignorant). So I decided to write this entry about things that make us Singaporeans, inspired by an awesome Twitter account, @SoSingaporean.

1. "It used to be so good" seems to be our favourite line

We used to love TV when there were 搞笑行动、环岛追追追, PCK Pte Ltd, 神雕侠侣。And how shows were better when it was TCS, instead of MDC.

For the adults, their favorite complain when it comes to food is always "the noodles used to cost 30cents", and when visiting their once-favourite food stall, it's always "it used to be so good".

That's the same even for NDP. I personally loved the parades when there were english and chinese versions of the same tune, and when we had more mass formations than cheesy storylines.

We didn't need any prata man or Oreo running around to show that we are a multi-racial and multi-cultural society.

In a nutshell, life seems to be getting better for Singaporeans, but all we seemed to love are what used to be Singapore was about, even if we were a little less hygenic, less diverse, less open-minded, and our country leaders a little less e-social.

2. Blaming the weather for lack of stylish dressing

We're tired of being called the generation of slippers and shorts, and the adults are tired of excessive dressing up. Sure, it's all cool to wear blazers or like the runway models do, but try doing it in Singapore's hot weather.

No one dresses up to go to their neighbourhood malls, and the last time I checked, no one dressed up for a trip to NTUC. It's all about pragmatism in Singapore's fashion. ;)

3. Music is the new anti-social

Get on the train or the bus, and we love to plug in and get our music playlist going. Books used to cool, but we can skip a song, but we can't skip a page. Ohwells.

4. It's okay to wait

That's one strength of Singaporeans I guess. We can queue super long at the malls customer service reception for a free mooncake, and we have the patience to queue for the best Hello Kitty doll at McDonalds.

When the Chinese are complaining about how their online purchases takes two days to arrive, we're actually peacefully okay with our mails taking two-four days to arrive when our country is significantly smaller.

5. We're not being racist; just self-aware

Back in school, racism used to be about how the racial riots in the 1960's was an important lesson for Singapore. So our teachers and parents taught us not to laugh at our Indian classmates for being a different shade, and respect our Malay classmates when they have to wear head scarf, and leave early during their prayer day (can't remember the name of it).

For our generation, we know we are all different, not just skin color, but culturally and religion-wise. But we are okay with making fun of each other, but ultimately, we know we accept each other for who we are, but see no need to make it a taboo.

We don't pick fights knowing our differences, but joke about them to bring all of us closer, knowing that we're open and okay with our differences.

Just like how people say that those who seem conservative are the hypocritic ones, we believe that shunning doesn't mean we're accepting. Therefore, being able to talk about it means that we're okay with how we're different.