22 July, 2012

番茄出游 · Tomato Goes Out To Play!

I had some free time today to bring Tomato out to play. Here are some photos of the adventure!

It wasn't early in the morning, but Tomato refused to get out of my bag because of the hot weather.

Rise and shine! Tomato's first cabbing experience!

Enjoying the view from the taxi window... Or maybe Tomato's just staring at the glass reflection?

1st Stop: Serangoon North Village Vegetarian Restaurant

This vegetarian restaurant opposite a temple is the most consistent foodplace I've been to. But the prices are a little steep, considering that each plate of chicken rice cost $7.50. The portion, however, is very big, and is suitable for a guy's appetite, or simply for people who are willing to spend money on good food.

素鸡饭 Vegetarian Chicken Rice

菜单 Menu
素鱼翅羹 Vegetarian Sharks Fin
I love ordering vegetarian sharks fin at vegetarian restaurants, because it's a very good indicator of their standards.

Tomato took a bus to Serangoon NEX. Wee!

草莓沙冰 Strawberry IceBlend $3.90

We once had a bad experience at Sheng Ji, so didn't revisit for a long time until today, when brother wanted to go for the desserts promotion. Had unexpectedly awesome strawberry ice!

其他沙冰口味:牛油果、芒果 Other flavors: Avocado, Mango

On the bus again!

"I wanna have a seat to myself!"

Looking at the cars.... more like the roads.

Oh cars! There you go~

Here's Tomato's face! Tomato wanted to take a photo with the bus alighting button, ended up being photobombed by a stranger in the background...

"I'm tired! Bring me home!"

"I'm home! Goodnight!"

Tomato is so cute, so I'm leaving an animation of her here!