11 August, 2012

爷爷第一次去麦当劳 · Granddad's First MCD Experience


Bringing Granddad to McDonalds for the first time
Author unknown

I stayed with my granddad since young, and I’m graduating this year to join the workforce. I fetched Granddad to come and live with me, and in these two months, he had many new first experiences – boarding a plane, living in a hotel, first meal at McDonalds…
He carried a Big Mac like a child, and I felt tears in my eyes. He took a bite and said, “Mm, delicious! It’s better than the meal on flight!”
Seeing his blissful expression, I only had one wish – Dear granddad, please live to a ripe old age so that I have the time to treat you well! What I can give you may not be the best, but it’s definitely the best that I can give!
Looking at the photo, it suddenly occurred to me that granddad’s hair had turned white, even his eyebrows. How I wish he can live happily for the remaining years of his life, every single day!

We boarded the flight at 8am without breakfast, and when the stewardess came to distribute breakfast, I asked granddad if he wants breakfast.
“No need, food on flight is most probably very expensive!”
I told him that it’s free and he smiled embarrassedly and replied, “I want a set then!” I suddenly realized how cute granddad is!
When we arrived at McDonalds entrance, I pulled him in but he refused to follow, insisting that he isn’t hungry and should eat at home. I had to tell him that it isn’t expensive and cost less than $10 before he gave in.
I had spent 7 years studying in Chongqing, using thousands of dollars of his savings but he had never complained. When it came to his personal expenses, he couldn’t even bear to spend money on a meal outside!
I recalled the first time I told him to live with me once I started work, and he was happy, and then disagreed later. I asked him why, and he said worriedly, “You haven’t married! Who knows if your future spouse would dislike me and affect you?”
I felt bad and asked him, “Granddad, is there any case where you would put yourself before others in consideration?”

Dear parents and elders, how can we not love and respect you, for being so respectable and adorable?
Never dislike your parents for their slow behavior, because you can never imagine how they had patiently taught you to walk when you were young.
Never blame your parents for not learning to use the computer, because you would never know how they took the time to teach you when you were young.
To the youths who are troubled and/or not filial, please reflect upon yourselves.

May all filial children and their beloved elders be healthy and happy, forever and always.