29 August, 2012

妈妈语录 · Memoirs of Me Mo

I have a really cute mom, and sometimes, the things she says... Well, they leave me speechless. Sometimes I'd write down what she says, so as to share on my blog later on, but just realised that I hardly ever do. So here are three instances where she's funny.

1)全家出国 Family Vacation

This happened years ago when we talked about planning a family vacation altogether.

Mum intended to say - let's find time to go on a vacation altogether.

What she actually said - let's find time for everyone in the country to become a monk.
Well, her original words were in Chinese. So if you see the chinese text, you know she messed up two words. That in turn, means an entirely different matter. 

2)海外留学浸濡 My China Cultural Immersion Trip

笑话背景:前年底,我正准备要到中国浸濡,但是因为我有很多bear bear,有点不舍得,所以想要麻烦妈妈帮我照顾它们。
This happened in Aug 2010 when I was preparing to go China for immersion trip. As I have many soft toys, I was a little sad and was hoping my mom would look after them for me.

我:妈妈,我出国后可以把握的床借给bear bear们睡吗?每一天……帮我整理一下。
Me: Mom, can you let my dearies sleep on my bed while I'm away? For each day... help me keep them tidy.

Mom: *silence* I thought you're telling me how much you're paying me to do that per day leh.

I even kept the post-it note I wrote then! She's so funny lah~

3) 梦飞船 VS 动力火车

We were watching the 30 years anniversary concert on Channel 8 last weekend, and the finale performing artists were a group from Taiwan. Mom was debating with brother and I about the name of the group.

When it was finally their turn to perform, and we proven right about the name of the group, mom said...

"Har, long hair guy you also like ah?"

"Wear tshirt and jeans also can come perform ah?"

Later when she realised that they are fantabulous singers, she said with a hint of sarcasm...

"Woah, they really need to be talented lor. If not, with their looks... really difficult la."

I don't know if I should say that my mom is too cute and honest, or that she's simply evil. In the latter case, I'm probably the heir of her evilness. Keke.