26 August, 2012


Passion, an emotion that sparks adrenaline rush and hyper brain activity in you. But other than its definition, there’s nothing consistent about passion among people.
Random cute bunny photo to start this entry, hahaha.

It changes in time.

Some people grow up with just one dream in mind, but for many others like me, our dreams change along the way. When I was younger, I aspired to be a counsellor, a teacher, and even an entertainment artist. I gave up because my mom said a counsellor's pay is meagre, I didn't dare to be a teacher because I had been really naughty and I was afraid of karma; and as for entertainment artist... I sort of became more introvert as I grew up anyway.

Just like Totto-Chan, whose ambition changes whenever she comes across something else that interests her. So it's no sin when your passion steers in another direction, so long as you make sure you know where you're going.

To explore is one thing, to be inconsistent and fickle-minded in another.

It burns differently.

Not everyone expresses their passion for something the same way. Many would love to jump in joy, be all hyped up and enthu, but there are also people who are quietly excited (yes, that description is legit). 

I'm sure you've seen some reality shows where some competitors maintain a poker face even they've won the challenge. It's not that they don't care, they just don't care expressively. There is a difference. And respect that.

No matter what, just don't stop.

...simply because it's what keeps you going.

Some people can be very hyped up all day, or excited for everything. But most of us tend to have our highs and the calm moments. If we're always excited about everything that's going to happen because we love it, I guess many more of us would have died of heart failure.

The thing is, you can take a break from what you love doing, because it makes you yearn for your field of passion even more. The point, though, is to never put a stop to it by force. When you do, there's nothing more to your life, and that's how many adults had succumbed to the practical aspect of life, and forgotten what used to make them happy in life.

So my point is, Passion is a very important element in life, and self-motivation, so don't ever let it die down totally, or you'd lose your way in life.