07 September, 2012

宝贝动手术 · Dearies Operations

Those who know me would know that I have a soft spot for plushies.

Not because of any romance drama or trend, but because I truly cherish their presence. They won't piss me off, and are always there for me with a smile.

Two years ago, my biggest torto's arm tore abit, so I put it in a 30-minute operation to fix the wound.

Recently, Ashley my pig felt a little weird when I hug, it's as if the stuffing has gone bad. So I put him in operation just the same, except that he has to have a change of stuffing as well. In the process, I discovered what exactly is its stuffing content. Anyway, here's a photo of Ashley, deflated.
 I came across a news report years ago, that some toy manufacturers use carpet dust as stuffing instead of the normal stuffing, and the carpet dust stuffing include rubbish. I was a little apprehensive about what I was going to find in Ashley, but glad to know that its stuffing is just dirty, nothing that bad.

I had to cut a small opening to get out the stuffing, small enough to not cause a big mess later on when I have to sew it back.
After all the cotton stuffing, I found a bag of stuff in my pig! *gasp*

结果,拉出了一整包的保丽龙球(styrofoam balls),心里的迷惑也终于得到了答案。
Turns out to be a bag of styrofoam balls. And then I understood something.

One cute thing about Ashley is how it bounces when dropped. I've always wondered what caused that, seeing how it has stuffing just like the other tortos. Turns out, it's the wonder of a bag of styrofoam balls!

Anyway, deflated Ashley was later sent to the bathroom to soak in scented detergent. And, so did the bag of styrofoam. I wanted every part of Ashley to smell great!

Poor Ashley was later hung to dry, thanks to my mom. But the way she clipped Ashley up made me cringed a little.

Ashley was properly dried up two days later. Next thing to do? Add in new ATAS stuffing! Okay la, actually it's because the small bags of stuffings are pretty expensive, so I bought a pillow and used that stuffing instead!

A halfway-full shot.

And then, Ashley gained back all the weight!

The last and final step was to seal its wound!

我的手艺还不错吧?=D 现在的猪猪,总算是干净了!耶~
I think I did a pretty good job, hahaha. Ashley is finally feeling and smelling fresh! Yay!