03 October, 2012

起跑点 · Starting Line

September left as quickly as it came. While my dad is in his transition period of changing job and my eldest brother preparing his writeup for further studies, I'm also considering my future options now that YOLO is settling down.

I've never been a fan of new things unless they interest me. Speaking of new beginnings, I've been hesitant for quite a while. It's as if I'm looking for something that hasn't appeared as the time wasn't right.

I found what I had been looking for earlier this afternoon, hinting me what my next step would be.

Of course, I would go back to schooling one day when I feel that I have nothing more to give. However,  I don't want schooling to be a form of escape from life choices I have to make. School may be a shelter, but no one can make that shelter their home forever. A day will come when we have to face changes and growth, and I only hope that I would feel that my time has been well-spent by then.

Conclusion - I'm not going to enrol in any school for now.

Simply because - the time isn't right.

Honestly - I found my next aim.

Following that - I'm gonna fight hard for this dream.

A starting point may be vague and lead me up a path of uncertainties, but it is the step my heart wishes to take at this point.

Do I really have to begin? Well, I'll get past the starting line, and begin the new chapter soon.