20 October, 2012

阴天 · Blues

Feeling exceptionally down today, so I went on to YouTube to look for a random movie to watch in hope of diverting my attention.

Friendship is a very wonderful thing, and an awesome learning journey. However, not everyone has the chance to learn from it. We face many challenges and obstacles, and learn to deal with them differently as we grow. When I was younger, I would blog about how I feel and share with the world.

Now that I'm grown up, I've learnt to hide my emotions and complete tasks at hand on a professional level, and deal with the emotions later on when work's done and I'm alone. I guess the most important part is learning not to beat around the bush, but focus on how to come up with a good solution while keeping damage to the minimum.

When friendship means a lot to you, you may get increasingly apprehensive to do anything that may spoil its perfection. However, silence may often be the deadliest form of destroy, especially if you end up with a friendship that is seemingly perfect but totally weak in foundation. So the important thing I learnt today was to talk things out, and instead of issuing blame, find the best solution together. And this lesson? Well, it's priceless.

Back to the topic of movie.

I ended up watching a Korean movie by one of my leastttt favourite actor Cha Tae Hyen.

Source: i.mtime.com

我是一个喜欢有始有终的人,所以再不好看的戏(例如Twilight -_-)我也会坚持看完。唯一无法办到的,就是车叔叔所演的《皇太子之恋》。
Although I have the general principle of watching any film and/or drama from start to end, even horrible ones like Twilight, one of his drama broke my record, and became the only one that I have NEVER finished watching.

However, one of his movies Scandal Family (?) showed me his excellent acting skills.

Source: life.self.com.cn

所以今天看的《Hello Ghost》出奇的好看,甚至可以说是
That being said, I watched Hello Ghost today, and it turned out to be
the best film I've EVER watched.

Source: amiratthemovies.wordpress.com

What's more surprising is that it's also the only film that made me cry THAT much. Super impressed. Well, more appreciative of the plot than his acting though. Haha.

So here's the movie I wish you would watch like I did. Watch till the end after the rolling credits! And of course, keep your Kleenex within your arm's reach.