08 October, 2012

Happy Birthday Gwyn!

Today's the birthday of a very good friend of mine, so I got to work preparing a birthday video for him, as soon as I was done with the Malaysia blogpost. I have been drawing, erasing, photo-taking, editing and uploading for the past two hours and I'm glad the video made it in time.

During my Poly days, we had a transfer student who was superb with presentations. I was curious what software he used, and found out much later that he used nothing more than Powerpoint, just like anyone of us. What made the difference was his creativity.

There was a saying that a modern kid learns to play football by asking his parents to buy him the best shoes, soccer ball, jersey and socks, but gives up two months later out of boredom.

On the contrary, a village kid makes soccer ball out of unwanted newspapers, plays barefooted on both grass and concrete, and never worries about the 'standard' number of players. All he needs are his legs and a ball, to create his own soccer world.

My point is, I may not be a trained professional, may not have the best video editing software, and may not have the financial capability nor time to make something AWESOME for my friend or in life. All I need is actually more effort, creativity and belief of turning limitations into liberated possibilities.

This friend is important to me, because he stood by me at the most important crossroads of my life. He came with a helping hand as well as a much-needed dose of assurance.

Both my brothers went to Junior College, and I became very worried about the unknown in Poly. When we met at a musical performance, he told me that Poly is the time for freedom and more importantly, self-discovery. He told me how much he benefited from it, and that was very much help.

Lately when I've decided to look for a job, he gave me some reminders that gave me the courage to pursue something I would never dare to otherwise. More importantly, it saved me a lot of detours in my career.

You may think that what he had done is insignificant, but he was there when I needed someone most.

For that, thank you, thank you for the friendship, thank you for your encouragement and guidance thus far.