22 November, 2012

这是我的选择 · My Choice

I feel a little annoyed, whenever someone says "I chose this route because I didn't have a choice."

If you can't take charge of your own life, who else should you blame?
That's right. Yourself.

Recently when I'm hunting for a job, my mom advised me not to look for production jobs anymore.

Her reasoning was clear - my spine and ankles haven't been able to recover fully, and it's really risky to be carrying heavy equipment and overworking.

But one fact doesn't change, whether or not I'm well - my passion for the industry.

No matter how hard the work or how heavy the equipment, I'm always happiest at the end of the day.

Of course, I'd be pissed occasionally (and maybe curse under my breath), when I face annoying people or shitty event coordinations.

Sometimes the wait seems never ending, sometimes my hands start to shake from all the hardwork, but at least my heart is on fire with passion and satisfaction.

This is my choice.

I've always been a blind follower of my elder brothers, choosing the schools they choose, up till post-O'Levels, when I knew very well that JC is definitely not the path for me.

Long after graduation, classmates started enrolling in universities, and I took another big step into the real working world.

Just as I see my friends giving up their many dreams and aspirations, I found some sorta courage to kickstart YOLOsg.com , my dream.

I'm not trying to be different for the sake of being different. All I know is... I'm not ready to give up my dream, and I hope that friends who are at crossroads would find their own courage, too.

Maybe you are strapped financially, maybe you can't make it into your dream school, maybe for some other reason, you can't pursue your dream now. But don't ever give up on that passion, for a day will come, and you'll have the chance to give it one more shot.