31 December, 2012

2012 Lookback: New Year Resolutions and Conclusion

Today's the last day of 2012, a year that I'm really glad is coming to an end. (:

So here's a look back at how much of my new year resolutions I've accomplished. ((: 

(1) Run at least 5 days a month

I've depended on my treadmill at home to do the jogging, but it was broken for the first half of the year, and for the last few months, sent to my brother's university for a filming project. So... That didn't work out. =(

But I've been spending time on Figurobics by the famous Korean. Her video tutorials had over 1 million views on YouTube, and although they've been deleted... I have them. =X

So in terms of exercising, I'm still doing so every now and then. But strictly speaking, I didn't accomplish this.

(2) Launch CL website and/or YouTube channel

Am really proud to say that I've successfully launched YOLOsg.com , an online Chinese magazine! In addition, with a few months of hardwork, I've gathered over 550 Facebook fans, and the highest record of readership of one article being 580. 

As for YouTube channel, I've got the chance to play around with some footage and software, including Adobe Premier Pro! Sadly though, it's too expensive, so I'll only be able to buy it much later this coming year. 

(3) Remain single

Check. (:

(4) Try 5 new things and visit 5 new places

5 new things- 

Learning DSLR. Thank you to my ex-boss Gillian and ex-colleague Cherie for their encouragement that gave me the courage to take that one step forward. (: And then of course, to my dad for paying for my first DSLR and 18-55 lens.

Exploring Singapore. Thank you once again to my ex-boss for bringing me around Marina Bay Sands, visiting the Casino (without going in), Sky Park (without paying) and LV store (without buying). It has been one of the most eye-opening experience of the whole year. 

Unfortunately, the photos are missing when I'm transferring my documents from laptop to PC. I'll add them again when I'm done sorting everything out!

Covering an event by myself. Having to run YOLOsg mainly by myself, I had no choice but to push myself to cover many events alone. That's also one of the reasons I wanted to start the website in the first place - to have no one to hide behind, and face every challenge. 

So I've covered the Global Chinese Music Awards Fanmeet, Walk-A-Dogthon, Sundown Festival Press Conference and EOY Cosplay Festival by myself, one of the proudest accomplishment of mine this year.

Sewing Machine. Learnt how to use the sewing machine, and managed to sew a few simple things, like a satin rubberband to secure my cushion to the chair.

Being on an ambulance. Well, this happened by accident, but still, it's a very... valuable experience.

5 new places-

Shangri La (The Line buffet). The family of my eldest brother's wife treated us to an awesome meal. Best part has to be the chocolate fondue!

Ding Tai Fung. Awesome!!! Although I dislike messy food with unknown ingredients, I kinda like their 蟹粉小笼包and prawns fried rice.

Desaru, Malaysia. I enjoyed the trip, surprisingly. It was supposed to be a Residents' Committee event, and we've bought tickets to go as a family vacation. Turns out to be pretty enriching! Full blog post here.

Marina Bay Sands. I really wish I have the photos to show here! But it's missing, somehow. =( It's an awesome to visit. ((: And much later on I visited it again by myself to catch a rather disappointing performance.

Sentosa Wavehouse. Had the chance to visit the place to cover Ryan Higa's visit to Singapore. It was a pretty nice place to be, especially the second level where the VIP area is. 

(5) Read more newspapers and books

Yes I did! An app that I found extremely useful is Pulse, that provides a uniform layout for the news sources you prefer. You can also choose the sequence of arrangement, as well as refresh frequency. 

(6) Blog more, relative to 2011 (172 entries)

Griffin-Spirit: 155 entries
Yingsphere: 97 entries
Total: 252 entries


I'm also proud to say that unlike the past, I've taken more time and effort to make each blogpost substantial. It could have been more blogposts though, just that the screwed up Blogger app made it impossible to blog on the go. But still!!

(7) Lose 5kgs.

FAIL. Only lost 2kgs. =/

(8) Be more organized.

Really proud to say that I've been helping to pay bills on time, and of the 84 bills, we've only received ONE reminder bill. That's pretty good compared to how it used to be receiving 90% reminders annually previously.

(9) Watch 10 movies/performances.

16JAN: AJ Rafael Red Roses Concert
5FEB: We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 Movie
19FEB: Super Junior Concert Supershow 4
28FEB: Wong Fu Productions Seminar
19MAR: Kina Grannis In Your Arms Concert
1APR: Bibap, Korean Beatbox Action Comedy
4MAY: Jayeslee Concert
30AUG: Imperfect Movie 我们都不完美
17SEP: Ted Movie
17SEP: Step Up Revolution
2SEP: Ryan Higa Asia Tour
25SEP: Cookin' Nanta
1NOV: Global Chinese Music Awards Fan Meet
11NOV: Jimmy Liao, Singapore Writers' Festival


(10) Write a diary in Chinese


2012 has been a year of change and growth for me, almost an important milestone of my life. In this year when I turned 21, I've had many chances to do what I want and love (filming, photography, DIY, sewing, video editing), and venture out in a way many people could only dream of.

Of course, the other important thing I learnt was not to miss any meals and give my body a hard time. Although my consistency remains to be seen, I think this is one year that health is wealth finally made real sense to me.

Thank you to every single person out there who has supported me in one way or another, for helping me with my new year resolutions, or cover events.

Next year is going to be a bigger challenge, but I know that 10 years down the road when I look back at my life, I'd have no regrets.

Thank you Poh, Angeline, Sinli, Hui Ting, Gillian, Cherie, Tre, Gwyn, Maledeine, Gladys, Suzie, Daniel, Qiu Qiu, Shu An, Shiqi, Yu Ting, Shuli, Althea, Freda, and most important of all, my dearest family.

I'm really thankful to have friends like you guys who supported me in your own unique ways, and looking at my contact list, I could never be more grateful for having all of you guys.

That's all, and goodbye 2012! You've been a pain, literally, so I hope #13 treats me/us all better!

28 December, 2012

天真过往 · Dumb Old Me

I've had really naive thoughts when I was young, and just so happened that I recalled some examples lately. Decided to share them here. Laugh with me!

(1)起跑线 Race Start Lineup

以前小时候只是听过别人说,所以很长时间以来,我都以为是“ready, cassettee, GO!”
I've always heard people yell the line from far, but never seen it in words. So for many years I've always assumed it's "ready, cassette, GO!"

(P.S.: If you know what a cassette tape is, CONGRATULATIONS! You're OLD, just like me.)

Source: randalldsmith.com

Frankly speaking, it's only because of this blogpost that I went to Google to check and verify the actual answer. In fact, there's even a forum thread on its origin! Apparently it originated from as early as 1907!

(2)爽身粉吸干湿发 Talcum Powder Hair

My siblings and I are a fairly active bunch, so we tend to sweat a lot when our parents bring us out. Having a high standard of our image and appearance (higher than my own standard now), my mom always sprinkle talcum powder on our inner elbow (by right, elbow PIT) to keep us fresh and dry.

One night when I was having a hard time drying my hair, I came up with the idea of sprinkling talcum powder all over my head, assuming that it has the  oh-so-magical power of drying things up!

Source: isiswardrobe.blogspot.com

Well, it's no surprise that I realized my stupidity not long after I did it. I end up having to wash my hair AGAIN.

(3)生肖 Zodiac

Each time we celebrate Lunar new year, it's a new zodiac year. So it means zodiac signs change every year right? Perfect! That's what I thought!! That my zodiac would change EVERY YEAR.

For a few years, I would ask my momo every now and then the big question - What's my zodiac?? So imagine my disappointment that her answer NEVER changed. Not once.
I've always waited excitedly for the year that my zodiac may be an animal I like. And I only found out the truth when reading zodiac and horoscope signs on magazines became a fad when I was in Primary 5 or 6.
(4)垃圾槽的秘密 Mystery of the rubbish chute

We have rubbish chutes in HDB, and I've had the bad habit of secretly throwing away food I couldn't finish. Of course, my parents would catch me red-handed sometimes.

I'm not sure if my assumption began in order to make myself feel less guilty, but anyway, I've always believed that a family lives at the bottom end of the rubbish chute, and that they actually survive on the food I throw away!

So how did I find out the truth?

有一次神经大条地把学生证放在袋子,不小心丢掉。那时不知道这种东西可以重新申请,所以就求哥哥帮我想办法!他才告诉我可以去楼下开的。但是我不敢拿,他就无奈地帮我取出…… 感恩!感恩!
There was once when I absent-mindedly placed my student card in a plastic bag and threw it down the rubbish chute. I didn't know such things are replaceable, so I asked my brother for help! So.. he brought me downstairs to.. well, dig it up. I didn't dare to touch the container, so he became my hero for it. =')))

(5)日历 · 月历 ,傻傻分不清楚 Calendar FAIL

Many Chinese families have the by-day calendar that would state the do's and taboos of each day. So one day my mom told me to tear a piece for her to use as rough paper, and I asked her, what calendar? She didn't believe I didn't know, so she told me to.. GO FIGURE.
Source: viewpoint.inewsweek.cn
I went to the kitchen and tore a sheet off...
Source: xiamen.edeng.cn
The monthly calendar.

She was so agitated, her whole face just went... D=<

Now that I think of it... Wow...

Can't bear to continue writing my dumb milestones!

以后再想到,再写个Part 2吧,虽然最好是想不到了。*苦笑*
Shall write a sequel when I recall more FAILs. Hopefully not, though. *weak smile*


25 December, 2012

圣诞快乐! Merry Christmas!

Been busy making Christmas cards for friends for the past week or so, which was why I didn't have the time to update this space. I managed to complete the cards last week, but sad enough, Singpost was inefficient enough to be late in delivery. =( Ohwells.

Anyway, I'm really proud of the cards I had SEWN together this time around!


On the other hand, I captured the strange clouds formation in my neighbourhood on the so-called doomsday.
Unfortunately, the world hasn't ended. Ha!

22 December, 2012

K聚会 · K-Gathering








我们当然还是约在AMK Hub 见面,但她从南大赶回来,我真的超~感动的!







这几天在很努力地完成一些东西,明天(星期六)总算可以公开咯!Can't wait!

19 December, 2012

Reclaiming My Self-Respect

The next blogpost is a happy one, but before that, I need to get the following out of my system.

21st December is coming, and although I'm not a believer, I choose to believe it's a chance we reflect on ourselves and think about what's really important to us.

Since the day I heard about Friendster, so many people have wasted so much time of their precious lives collecting friends, asking for testimonials. Much later on, the fad passed and I thought we've all grown up. But when Facebook came into the picture, many people sank back into the race of time-wasting.

I've had my reservations about Facebook because back then, I've heard classmates comparing who have more friends - 500 or close to 1000.

But really, what does that matter?

It should have been a red light, when you feel really down and realise that there's no one in your phonebook who could spare you the time, and no one on Facebook who took you seriously.

You waste your time on those people who can do without you, even wasting your time texting them when you are with people who actually gave a damn about who you are and how you are.

I've just emerged once again from another deep pit of my life. Many may think there couldn't be anything that bad when I'm just 21 years old, and have a long journey ahead.

The truth is, I almost didn't make it this time this year. And that challenge had given me a fresh perspective of life and love.

If you can't spare your time for your friends, and fob us off with promises that never really happen, why should I waste my time, effort and even money on you?

There was a line in Fame that struck a chord in me - you take and take and take. And sad as it may be, that's the truth of how you've wasted many valuable friendships. But that's not going to be the case from now on.

You know, Facebook and Twitter may decline one day, and you'd be left with nothing more than a statistical pride of the past. Deep inside, you have nothing, and you've lost everything that matters.

I've given up asking why people don't treat me the way I treat them - respect, love, and making them a priority. It just shows that I've wasted my time, and that's a mistake I'm going to put right from now on.

My effort had been wasted and I've come to realise that all I did was cheapen my effort, and wasted my life.

From next year on, I'm going to have more self-respect, and leave those who regarded my love nothing more than dirt and dust.

What's going to change for you next year?
Never ever make someone your priority, if they only make you an option.
Worse still, a last option.

12 December, 2012

Random Updates


那天还蛮好笑的。原本我们约在Pastamania吃午餐,但是午餐时间满座,选择换去Ramen Champion吃拉面。可怜的她吃了超级无敌的久~~~ 我差不多要吃完的时候,她那碗看起来都好像没碰到。而且……我的比较好吃,让她有点哀怨!
后来我们还到Bugis "slums"逛街,朋友又心血来潮,去吃red velvet冰淇淋!!!

Red Velvet + Caramel



还有……上个月下载了Adobe Premier剪辑软件试用,但试用期过了,真的有点舍不得!等找到工作,存够钱了,一定会去买!

07 December, 2012

今天 · Today

It's been one meaningful day, exhausting my soul enough for a rebirth, and new outlook of life.
Due to some plans, I can't release the photos just yet, but I wanna talk a little about the dog farm visit today.
Not sure if it's because I'm becoming one of those emotionless Singaporeans, or if it's just my newly-developed poker face, but my friend's feedback for me today was I should have expressed more interest during the interview.
I can't deny. Not like I disagree anyway.
Perhaps it's because of the many media events, where I always remind myself not to appear too excited. Or even to have a wide emotional range. Just to be professional, objective and calmly level-headed. Afterall, making friends and writing articles are two different things. I can give my friendships my all, but for professional relationships, sometimes it becomes harder to be frank and objective when we become too friendly.
In all honesty, I was actually very touched today.
Somehow the visit made me miss my piano. It had been like the dog component in my life, my silent and non-judgemental companion whose whole life revolved around just me.
I still have a small keyboard at home, but it'd never be the same again.
We have so many things in life, that are all blessings we should appreciate. But we hardly do, because we're so used to them being the "default" and "norm". Seeing how those dogs wanting just the basics that we already have unknowingly, it made my heart ache.
Where is their future?
Not long ago, there was a news report in China where a son was charged with murder for using euthanasia on his mum as requested by her.
我总觉得,如果她痛苦,why not?为什么你可以决定拔掉植物人的维生器、可以放弃急救、可以让对生命还有热忱的动物安乐死,却不能让一个人决定在生命已无所期待后,选择安乐死?
I always wonder... if she was in pain and wanted that for herself, why not? How is it that you can choose to end the life of a braindead patient, you can give up on emergency treatment, you can end the life of an animal who has no wish of dying, but you can't let a hopeless patient leave in peace?
These dogs we see, they wanna live, but some people think nothing of their lives. Those people, they don't wanna live, and you force them to live, in pain.
Is dying in pain the right way? Are animals just numbers to us?
I was very touched, very happy, very inspired today, but most important of all, I want to be able to help them one way or another. Maybe it's just my habitual poker face. It's not my habit to scream and yell and giggle in excitement, or appear super passionate. It's somewhere in me. Within.
Also, I've decided to cherish life, and spare time only for those who give a shit about me. That's all.

06 December, 2012

爱好 · Hobbies

I have many hobbies, one of them being hair styling. Sometimes what I try to do becomes too complex to try on myself, and just so happened my bestie Poh gave me a Barbie doll as present last year. So my barbie doll became my best alternative.
In fact, trying certain hairdos on a barbie doll is a very valuable experience, because I get to see where the challenges are, what to take note, when to pull hard and even understanding the directions to twist the hair, so that it becomes easier when I try it on myself.
I managed to style some pretty cute ones days ago, so I decided to share them here!

Another thing I'm obsessed with lately is the Skitch app. I was chatting with an ex-colleague some time ago, and had the urge to doodle the clicknetwork shows. Can you guess?

 原图 Original Reference. Hahaha.
Later on, I chatted with another friend, who kept spamming me photos of her idol. So.. I drew a photo of her idol to send back to her too.

Abs guy.