31 December, 2012

2012 Lookback: New Year Resolutions and Conclusion

Today's the last day of 2012, a year that I'm really glad is coming to an end. (:

So here's a look back at how much of my new year resolutions I've accomplished. ((: 

(1) Run at least 5 days a month

I've depended on my treadmill at home to do the jogging, but it was broken for the first half of the year, and for the last few months, sent to my brother's university for a filming project. So... That didn't work out. =(

But I've been spending time on Figurobics by the famous Korean. Her video tutorials had over 1 million views on YouTube, and although they've been deleted... I have them. =X

So in terms of exercising, I'm still doing so every now and then. But strictly speaking, I didn't accomplish this.

(2) Launch CL website and/or YouTube channel

Am really proud to say that I've successfully launched YOLOsg.com , an online Chinese magazine! In addition, with a few months of hardwork, I've gathered over 550 Facebook fans, and the highest record of readership of one article being 580. 

As for YouTube channel, I've got the chance to play around with some footage and software, including Adobe Premier Pro! Sadly though, it's too expensive, so I'll only be able to buy it much later this coming year. 

(3) Remain single

Check. (:

(4) Try 5 new things and visit 5 new places

5 new things- 

Learning DSLR. Thank you to my ex-boss Gillian and ex-colleague Cherie for their encouragement that gave me the courage to take that one step forward. (: And then of course, to my dad for paying for my first DSLR and 18-55 lens.

Exploring Singapore. Thank you once again to my ex-boss for bringing me around Marina Bay Sands, visiting the Casino (without going in), Sky Park (without paying) and LV store (without buying). It has been one of the most eye-opening experience of the whole year. 

Unfortunately, the photos are missing when I'm transferring my documents from laptop to PC. I'll add them again when I'm done sorting everything out!

Covering an event by myself. Having to run YOLOsg mainly by myself, I had no choice but to push myself to cover many events alone. That's also one of the reasons I wanted to start the website in the first place - to have no one to hide behind, and face every challenge. 

So I've covered the Global Chinese Music Awards Fanmeet, Walk-A-Dogthon, Sundown Festival Press Conference and EOY Cosplay Festival by myself, one of the proudest accomplishment of mine this year.

Sewing Machine. Learnt how to use the sewing machine, and managed to sew a few simple things, like a satin rubberband to secure my cushion to the chair.

Being on an ambulance. Well, this happened by accident, but still, it's a very... valuable experience.

5 new places-

Shangri La (The Line buffet). The family of my eldest brother's wife treated us to an awesome meal. Best part has to be the chocolate fondue!

Ding Tai Fung. Awesome!!! Although I dislike messy food with unknown ingredients, I kinda like their 蟹粉小笼包and prawns fried rice.

Desaru, Malaysia. I enjoyed the trip, surprisingly. It was supposed to be a Residents' Committee event, and we've bought tickets to go as a family vacation. Turns out to be pretty enriching! Full blog post here.

Marina Bay Sands. I really wish I have the photos to show here! But it's missing, somehow. =( It's an awesome to visit. ((: And much later on I visited it again by myself to catch a rather disappointing performance.

Sentosa Wavehouse. Had the chance to visit the place to cover Ryan Higa's visit to Singapore. It was a pretty nice place to be, especially the second level where the VIP area is. 

(5) Read more newspapers and books

Yes I did! An app that I found extremely useful is Pulse, that provides a uniform layout for the news sources you prefer. You can also choose the sequence of arrangement, as well as refresh frequency. 

(6) Blog more, relative to 2011 (172 entries)

Griffin-Spirit: 155 entries
Yingsphere: 97 entries
Total: 252 entries


I'm also proud to say that unlike the past, I've taken more time and effort to make each blogpost substantial. It could have been more blogposts though, just that the screwed up Blogger app made it impossible to blog on the go. But still!!

(7) Lose 5kgs.

FAIL. Only lost 2kgs. =/

(8) Be more organized.

Really proud to say that I've been helping to pay bills on time, and of the 84 bills, we've only received ONE reminder bill. That's pretty good compared to how it used to be receiving 90% reminders annually previously.

(9) Watch 10 movies/performances.

16JAN: AJ Rafael Red Roses Concert
5FEB: We Not Naughty 孩子不坏 Movie
19FEB: Super Junior Concert Supershow 4
28FEB: Wong Fu Productions Seminar
19MAR: Kina Grannis In Your Arms Concert
1APR: Bibap, Korean Beatbox Action Comedy
4MAY: Jayeslee Concert
30AUG: Imperfect Movie 我们都不完美
17SEP: Ted Movie
17SEP: Step Up Revolution
2SEP: Ryan Higa Asia Tour
25SEP: Cookin' Nanta
1NOV: Global Chinese Music Awards Fan Meet
11NOV: Jimmy Liao, Singapore Writers' Festival


(10) Write a diary in Chinese


2012 has been a year of change and growth for me, almost an important milestone of my life. In this year when I turned 21, I've had many chances to do what I want and love (filming, photography, DIY, sewing, video editing), and venture out in a way many people could only dream of.

Of course, the other important thing I learnt was not to miss any meals and give my body a hard time. Although my consistency remains to be seen, I think this is one year that health is wealth finally made real sense to me.

Thank you to every single person out there who has supported me in one way or another, for helping me with my new year resolutions, or cover events.

Next year is going to be a bigger challenge, but I know that 10 years down the road when I look back at my life, I'd have no regrets.

Thank you Poh, Angeline, Sinli, Hui Ting, Gillian, Cherie, Tre, Gwyn, Maledeine, Gladys, Suzie, Daniel, Qiu Qiu, Shu An, Shiqi, Yu Ting, Shuli, Althea, Freda, and most important of all, my dearest family.

I'm really thankful to have friends like you guys who supported me in your own unique ways, and looking at my contact list, I could never be more grateful for having all of you guys.

That's all, and goodbye 2012! You've been a pain, literally, so I hope #13 treats me/us all better!