28 December, 2012

天真过往 · Dumb Old Me

I've had really naive thoughts when I was young, and just so happened that I recalled some examples lately. Decided to share them here. Laugh with me!

(1)起跑线 Race Start Lineup

以前小时候只是听过别人说,所以很长时间以来,我都以为是“ready, cassettee, GO!”
I've always heard people yell the line from far, but never seen it in words. So for many years I've always assumed it's "ready, cassette, GO!"

(P.S.: If you know what a cassette tape is, CONGRATULATIONS! You're OLD, just like me.)

Source: randalldsmith.com

Frankly speaking, it's only because of this blogpost that I went to Google to check and verify the actual answer. In fact, there's even a forum thread on its origin! Apparently it originated from as early as 1907!

(2)爽身粉吸干湿发 Talcum Powder Hair

My siblings and I are a fairly active bunch, so we tend to sweat a lot when our parents bring us out. Having a high standard of our image and appearance (higher than my own standard now), my mom always sprinkle talcum powder on our inner elbow (by right, elbow PIT) to keep us fresh and dry.

One night when I was having a hard time drying my hair, I came up with the idea of sprinkling talcum powder all over my head, assuming that it has the  oh-so-magical power of drying things up!

Source: isiswardrobe.blogspot.com

Well, it's no surprise that I realized my stupidity not long after I did it. I end up having to wash my hair AGAIN.

(3)生肖 Zodiac

Each time we celebrate Lunar new year, it's a new zodiac year. So it means zodiac signs change every year right? Perfect! That's what I thought!! That my zodiac would change EVERY YEAR.

For a few years, I would ask my momo every now and then the big question - What's my zodiac?? So imagine my disappointment that her answer NEVER changed. Not once.
I've always waited excitedly for the year that my zodiac may be an animal I like. And I only found out the truth when reading zodiac and horoscope signs on magazines became a fad when I was in Primary 5 or 6.
(4)垃圾槽的秘密 Mystery of the rubbish chute

We have rubbish chutes in HDB, and I've had the bad habit of secretly throwing away food I couldn't finish. Of course, my parents would catch me red-handed sometimes.

I'm not sure if my assumption began in order to make myself feel less guilty, but anyway, I've always believed that a family lives at the bottom end of the rubbish chute, and that they actually survive on the food I throw away!

So how did I find out the truth?

有一次神经大条地把学生证放在袋子,不小心丢掉。那时不知道这种东西可以重新申请,所以就求哥哥帮我想办法!他才告诉我可以去楼下开的。但是我不敢拿,他就无奈地帮我取出…… 感恩!感恩!
There was once when I absent-mindedly placed my student card in a plastic bag and threw it down the rubbish chute. I didn't know such things are replaceable, so I asked my brother for help! So.. he brought me downstairs to.. well, dig it up. I didn't dare to touch the container, so he became my hero for it. =')))

(5)日历 · 月历 ,傻傻分不清楚 Calendar FAIL

Many Chinese families have the by-day calendar that would state the do's and taboos of each day. So one day my mom told me to tear a piece for her to use as rough paper, and I asked her, what calendar? She didn't believe I didn't know, so she told me to.. GO FIGURE.
Source: viewpoint.inewsweek.cn
I went to the kitchen and tore a sheet off...
Source: xiamen.edeng.cn
The monthly calendar.

She was so agitated, her whole face just went... D=<

Now that I think of it... Wow...

Can't bear to continue writing my dumb milestones!

以后再想到,再写个Part 2吧,虽然最好是想不到了。*苦笑*
Shall write a sequel when I recall more FAILs. Hopefully not, though. *weak smile*