06 December, 2012

爱好 · Hobbies

I have many hobbies, one of them being hair styling. Sometimes what I try to do becomes too complex to try on myself, and just so happened my bestie Poh gave me a Barbie doll as present last year. So my barbie doll became my best alternative.
In fact, trying certain hairdos on a barbie doll is a very valuable experience, because I get to see where the challenges are, what to take note, when to pull hard and even understanding the directions to twist the hair, so that it becomes easier when I try it on myself.
I managed to style some pretty cute ones days ago, so I decided to share them here!

Another thing I'm obsessed with lately is the Skitch app. I was chatting with an ex-colleague some time ago, and had the urge to doodle the clicknetwork shows. Can you guess?

 原图 Original Reference. Hahaha.
Later on, I chatted with another friend, who kept spamming me photos of her idol. So.. I drew a photo of her idol to send back to her too.

Abs guy.