07 December, 2012

今天 · Today

It's been one meaningful day, exhausting my soul enough for a rebirth, and new outlook of life.
Due to some plans, I can't release the photos just yet, but I wanna talk a little about the dog farm visit today.
Not sure if it's because I'm becoming one of those emotionless Singaporeans, or if it's just my newly-developed poker face, but my friend's feedback for me today was I should have expressed more interest during the interview.
I can't deny. Not like I disagree anyway.
Perhaps it's because of the many media events, where I always remind myself not to appear too excited. Or even to have a wide emotional range. Just to be professional, objective and calmly level-headed. Afterall, making friends and writing articles are two different things. I can give my friendships my all, but for professional relationships, sometimes it becomes harder to be frank and objective when we become too friendly.
In all honesty, I was actually very touched today.
Somehow the visit made me miss my piano. It had been like the dog component in my life, my silent and non-judgemental companion whose whole life revolved around just me.
I still have a small keyboard at home, but it'd never be the same again.
We have so many things in life, that are all blessings we should appreciate. But we hardly do, because we're so used to them being the "default" and "norm". Seeing how those dogs wanting just the basics that we already have unknowingly, it made my heart ache.
Where is their future?
Not long ago, there was a news report in China where a son was charged with murder for using euthanasia on his mum as requested by her.
我总觉得,如果她痛苦,why not?为什么你可以决定拔掉植物人的维生器、可以放弃急救、可以让对生命还有热忱的动物安乐死,却不能让一个人决定在生命已无所期待后,选择安乐死?
I always wonder... if she was in pain and wanted that for herself, why not? How is it that you can choose to end the life of a braindead patient, you can give up on emergency treatment, you can end the life of an animal who has no wish of dying, but you can't let a hopeless patient leave in peace?
These dogs we see, they wanna live, but some people think nothing of their lives. Those people, they don't wanna live, and you force them to live, in pain.
Is dying in pain the right way? Are animals just numbers to us?
I was very touched, very happy, very inspired today, but most important of all, I want to be able to help them one way or another. Maybe it's just my habitual poker face. It's not my habit to scream and yell and giggle in excitement, or appear super passionate. It's somewhere in me. Within.
Also, I've decided to cherish life, and spare time only for those who give a shit about me. That's all.