16 January, 2013

2013 Updates

There is a lot I have yet to blog about! Been spending a lot of time on writing articles for YOLOsg, which I have to publish slowly over the time till February or so.

I had a big argument with me momo at the very beginning of the year, and I took off at night to find a place to spend some me-time. It was a place where I knew no one and no one knew me, and I could enjoy the breeze, and watch the world go by.

Looking up, it was like a painting by the nature.

But let's be realistic here - with the trees above, ants landed on me with every gust of wind. It was too dark to see, but I could FEEL them. 

Although the isolation trip was because of some unhappiness, it was like I stumbled into a well of reflection, and found more happiness within myself. (:

Then things started to get better. 

Before that, on another random occasion, I discovered how some women rest their legs while sitting down, to take a break from wearing heels. Awesome.

That was some VIP's leg by the way. XD

And I found a new vegetarian place at Kovan selling my favorite mini dumplings. But more about that later, in a separate review. :D

Met up with Angeline at the start of the year for our trip to Haw Par Villa too. It was part of my resolutions to travel to unknown places, and take a break from shopping malls. More photos of the trip HERE

And the reason the photos are up on Facebook is because Flickr screwed up, and is starting to delete older photos as soon as I upload new ones, keeping the quota at 200, which is ridiculous, because who on earth takes THAT little photo their whole lifetime? 

So I would be uploading to Facebook from now. Not to mention how pissed I am, that the photos I once collected on Flickr are now all gone. Flickr may you go down with MSN Messenger. >=[

So after the trip to Haw Par Villa, we took the circle line train service to Bras Basah, supposedly to eat the best red velvet cake. Turns out, they've moved, to Mustafah. =((( 

But it was nice to be back on the street, and see the oh-so-familiar 15 Queen Street sign once again. ;')

The trip back also made me realise that Midlink Plaza has been demolished! 
Oh that poor Japanese food place.

And the lighting at Ramen Champion is awesome! Angeline decided to revisit that place, because she couldn't have my shoyu ramen previously, as she was a bunny recovering without her wisdom teeth.

But seriously, their $11 portion is too HUGE, for even two people.

-techno music- "I'm texting and I know it." -techno music-

One night when I felt down, I started tracing and coloring pikachu and pichus. 

Then a few days later, I went back to Bras Basah, this time for an article feature interview, as well as to drop by Munkysuperstar to pass them some goodies! :D Had the chance to catch up with the dearies, and even eat Cherie's cake again! #CaloriesButThatsOkay

Cherie was saying that the slice of cake doesn't look pretty, and that I should just use her photo of the complete cake from Twitter. But I told her that this is philosophical!

Never judge a person by his appearance, just like how you shouldn't judge this cake. 
It looks messy, but this cake is awesome. 


And it's nice to see the view from the lift lobby at Wilby Central again. :'))

On another random occasion, I saw a face on the toilet door lock. 

There's this blog I love called Faceinplaces and it made me realise that I'm not the only one who notices such things!

Met up with 74 gang last Friday too!

Come to think of it, we couldn't even remember the last time we all met up altogether. Super guilty.

Huiting waited at Nebo from 6pm+, I arrived second, Poh arrived at around 7pm, and Shiqi... Well, let's just say the whole world waited for her grand appearance. XD By then, Huiting and I were happily munching on potato wedges.

It's been a while since I took ninja shots. Below, left, is Shiqi ordering food at the counter. We were saying that the waitress looks just like her. They look like mirrored version of each other. And then on the right, Huiting at NTUC. 

We became so auntie!!! We used to go hip places, like Bishan and Orchard, but nowadays when we meet up, it's usually NTUC, S21 kopitiam and... NTUC!!! >_<||

We usually end our night very late, finale being a H2H chat at McDonalds. We barely had the stamina that day!!! But we persisted...

Let's just say the fries wasn't worth the persistence. McDonalds standard very horrigible nowadays. 

But I was still evil enough to send a close-up photo of the fries to Shiqi, who left early to mug.

I'm not sorry if you're reading this in the middle of the night, and feeling hungry because of the photo. #YDI for not letting your body rest early. XD

On another occasion, I saw a fatty cat! Even cats in my neighbourhood are suffering from globesity.

An auntie even went to pet her stomach to see if she's pregnant, or if she's just fat.

Don't you wish we could do that on the train too???

To decide if we need to give up our seat... 

Just kidding!!!! ~_~||

I spent last Sunday evening tidying my house, only to have it messed up by today, thanks to Momo and Kimjioon. T_T 

Anyway, we had a problem of having too many shoes, and I came up with the following design, using different carton boxes to form racks, and sort shoes by how often they are worn! 

Left shoe rack: Often worn shoes
Right smallest box on top: Slippers & sandals
Red box: Lesser worn new shoes
Bottom box that's covered: Old shoes that shouldn't be disposed yet, but unglam to see.

Because of the space limitations, I've long started to keep my own shoes in my room under my bed. And I was thinking of how to keep them away from bugs, because imagine one day when I take a pair, slip them on and feel something being squashed inside. 

Like, OMG, NO WAY. 

Then, just as I was wondering, I found the following new product in Valu$ shop!!!!

Super lucky lately.

Problem solved! And it only cost $2.95.

Another thing that also happened was that I finally got around to repurchase my PSLE result slip because Momo disposed it years ago, purely by accident.

So turns out, I finally found out my results. LOL.

Now I can also call myself a straight-A student! 
No one's gonna know I'm referring to PSLE results. HAHAHAHA

Oh! And there's this random lady I saw on TV who reminded me of THE NEEDY GIRLFRIEND.

But she's very goofy in the show. XD

Ending this post with a very vogue photo of my neighbourhood cat!