08 January, 2013

做自己 · Be Yourself

Update: Life is picking up pace these days and I'm going to sleep knowing there's more left tomorrow to complete, resulting in... INSOMNIA!






I've been really reluctant to use Facebook, because I wish to know my friends for who I meet in real life, and not how they are in their personal lives.

For the sake of my website, I had been spending some time on Facebook, and I often feel like my head would crack at any moment. But the exposure also taught me the important of self-identity.

I find it cringe-worthy to see friends doing things that they are not comfortable with and/or are not suitable for.

Just like how I should never act cute and talk bimbo-ish, I think there's really no need for people to try too hard to be someone else that they are not. That's because it isn't their style nor element.

Since young, we've been taught to learn from others, but in adulthood I think it's more important to understand yourself and BE yourself.