21 January, 2013

有缘;无缘 · Fate




不过,也许是无缘吧?机会擦身而过,连面试的机会都没有。虽然有点惋惜,但是…… 总不能一直让自己的情绪处于谷底吧?



奇妙的是…… 我没有以前的慌张、无助、彷徨,只是很努力地找。最后一次用皮包是前一天晚上,所以就重返NTUC询问。在家里找了很久,但心里一直有一种很奇怪的感觉。









Two things happened recently.

(1) No news from job application
(2) I lost my wallet

Regarding the first point.. I'm not particularly anxious or worried, but I really do want to find a larger scale workplace to learn. I did struggle a little and was a little hesitant before I came up with this conclusion, but ultimately, I want to keep learning, keep improving and hopefully be able to do good and contribute with what I know and learn.

However... it's probably not the right time. The chances came and left, but I didn't even get a call-up for interview. It's a pity but... I can't possibly let myself feel so depressed for a long time right?

Been trying really hard to live each day staying positive.

As of the second point... I was out with me momo and magua, but realized that my wallet was gone when me mo wanted to borrow my Popular membership card.

The strange thing was... I didn't panic or cry like I last did. It was just a lot of rummaging, and searching. The last time I used my wallet was the night before, so I returned to the NTUC I went to enquire about lost belonging. Then I went home to search more places more thoroughly.

I had the feeling, an instinct, that something wasn't right.

It's almost as if deep down I know how I lost it, but I simply couldn't recall where and when.

Much later on, I finally decided to submit a police report online, but somehow I had a lot of problems trying to fill in and submit the document. Just as things began to load, I received a phonecall from my brother to say that it has been found by the bus driver.

The truth dawned on me.

I've been feeling out of sort lately, like I'm experiencing partial memory loss. There are times when I wake up in the morning and totally cannot recall what I did the night before. I couldn't even remember what I discussed with my friends.

Life's not too busy, but I feel very burdened.

Let's just take it that challenges are an entitlement, but it's a privilege for you to grow.

Maybe facing the challenge is the way to cherish the chance.