28 January, 2013

钱 · Money

How much is enough?

Had a talk/tiff with a friend earlier tonight, because I think youths nowadays have overestimated the power of money. Some don't have the courage to pursue their dreams, so they say they "succumb" to reality, choose another industry, be unhappy and get a good pay.

But that doesn't give you the right to blame reality.

How much is enough?

How little is basic?

If you can still take one thing you have out of your life, and be able to survive, that means your life is above basic, above average.

One thing that I realised youths rambling about is that their pay isn't good enough for their life.

One less trip to Pizza Hut isn't your necessity. Instead of Gucci, maybe you can get something cheaper. Or even, use what you have and not shop that bit.

Not everyone is money-minded.

Honestly speaking, as a student, I used to think getting a job was going to solve everything. More money = better life, right?


Because that happiness is short-lived and superficial.

When you realize that money can get you so many things, you do feel happy and assured. Then you realise, money can ONLY get you these many things.

There are some things in life that you cannot equate with money.

Dream is one of them. Aspirations.

I understand some people really don't have the financial backing and other passes to pursue their dreams. But many don't give up, because their dream is more than the reality that they are taught.

That doesn't mean those people are wrong, or "haven't seen the light/reality".

It's precisely because they've seen the so-called reality, and decided that there's more to life than that frame of mind the world taught us.