01 January, 2013

新年新展望 · New Year Resolutions

The last blog entry was too lengthy to be translated~

新的一年的第一天, 其实并没有太多的感触。因为以前都是在1月1日担心/期待开学/开工,但今年却是……平静。
Today's the first day of a new year, but I'm not feeling too much of a difference. It used to be worrying about first day of school/semester/work, but... nothing much this time this year.

All I wish is that the current peace is a break before a better chapter.

A couple of important things would be taking place in January - celebrating my dad's birthday, prayers for my grandfather's 11th death anniversary, elder brother leaving for Holland, and the release of my results.

There would also be three weddings this year, namely my eldest brother's, Cherie's and my cousin's.

Wish to start the year on a good note, and make all my new year resolutions today, in preparation of a new chapter ahead.














New Year Resolutions 2013:

(1) Try 5 things that scare me
I was inspired by the Princess Diaries series, in which the female lead tries something that scares her everyday in order to restart her life after losing her first love. Things I'm considering now include ice-skating and trying mee siam.

(2) Cover at least 5 events for YOLOsg, and publish at least 120 articles

(3) Watch 10 movies

The drama theatre company I used to love seems to have changed, and I'm not a big fan of their new commercialized direction. So this year I'm gonna focus on watching new movies that are launching in theatres.

(4) Stay single
I'd rather have none, and remain independent

(5) Lose 8kgs
Stepping up the game for keeping healthy.

(6) Stay healthy, not having to go to the doctor
In the past year, I've been to the doctor thrice, been on a wheelchair and ambulance, even lying on the bed totally unable to stand nor move. For this coming year, I wish to take better care of myself... also to save the medical fees. Hahaha.

(7) Start a new bank account, save up at least $3600

(8) Somewhat successful - with some form of prove or work

(9) Exercise everyday
Be it 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Hopefully I'd be able to persist, and put things right this year.

(10) Renovate some part(s) of the house - toilet/chute/kitchen/living room/balcony

So that's it!

Hopefully I'd have accomplished them this time next year!